My Heart is Heavy For The Parent's Of 5yr Old

buzzy110, Dec 23, 7:42pm
I am so over Christmas now. Yesterday I open my paper and see a 5 year old girl has been brutally, physically and sexually attacked in Turangi. I read about 2 young girls rundown by an out of control drunk driver at 100kms an hour and now there is more liquifaction and despair in Christchurch.

Last night on the news a witness said he listened to the parents of that young girl screaming in a way he never hopes to hear again.

I will be doing my preparations with a heavy heart. I hope you can all spare a few moments to think about the total despair of the parents of these three young girls, all starting out on their lives and the people of Christchurch who are faced with yet another clean up.

pickles7, Dec 23, 7:49pm
yes . buzzy110.a shocker, very sad for those in Christchurch.What a beast to harm those girls.
It made me ill just the other day in the supermarket, trolleys overflowing, then to be shown the starving, under Dictatorship. Horrid.

oli3, Dec 23, 7:54pm
You are right, there are some nasty things going on, but please - do have and enjoy your own Christmas too.It doesn't help anyone for you to also be distressed on what is supposed to be a happy love filled day.Enjoy your Christmas, and raise a glass to the things we have learned, the things we would change and to those who are suffering.If your heart is heavy find a way to fill it by making a positive change for someone in the new year.Merry Christmas xx

lizab, Dec 23, 8:57pm
what a lovely post oli :)

petal89, Dec 23, 9:25pm
its can be a very very cruel world out there, I too feel for the little girl and her folks and this kind of crap that goes on here like what has happened is not good for the tourist attractions. My thoughts and prayers go out to the little girl and her family and I hope the son of a Biarch shows himself and is bought to justice! so not fair its the year of giving not taking! fed up with the petty laws here too

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