Weight delimma, diabetes bad heart my husband need

tishan, Nov 29, 5:01am
to loose weight he has been told by his doc 3 x now he is heading for a heart attack let alone with the diabetes, im looking for some advice to help him eat healthy on a tight budget as im the one who cooks but in all honesty i dont know where to start. i would so appreciate any help or if someone could point me in the right direction, he tried jenny craig but the price of the meals are hard

nfh1, Nov 29, 5:04am
Have a look at Diabetes NZ site tishan - lots of help and info there.


tishan, Nov 29, 5:07am
thanks il look, its a hard thing to start with i guess when your use to eating anything

nfh1, Nov 29, 5:10am
Yes it must be difficult.Have you asked your GP for help!They may refer you to a nutritionist.

tishan, Nov 29, 5:14am
im not sure if my husband has, the only way ive found out the last 3 times what the doc has said is because each time hes gone one of the kids have been with him lol. But i know he will eat what i cook but then i wont know if he will sneak down to the bakery either. He weighs 135kg

griffo4, Nov 29, 7:19am
l did weight watchers and lost 30kgs and l learnt alot about food and for me it was portion sizes and of course exercise which some men seem to aversion to, lol
With WW you eat your usual food but you are just more aware about how much you are eating and portion sizes and where the extra fat/ energy is

tishan, Nov 29, 9:17am
thank you all for your help i will definatley look into them all, i think the biggest thing for him and me is learning portion sizes etc, thing is with the excercise thing he isn't lazy hes a workaholic cant sit down for 5 minutes, but i know we definatly have to get the food thing under control, im guessing his thing for food is like me smoking maybe if we both have a go it will work for both of us

pheebs1, Nov 29, 9:38am
dont forget sugar(carbs) is a drug like any other it can be addictive and come with all the withdrawals and side affects of addiction
its hard going to kick it but when you do it makes life sooo much better
the weight drops off
no rice no white bread no potatoes no carrots fruit or corn
stick to veges and meat small amounts
get back to basics, nothing out of a box

everything is 99% fat free but we get bigger and bigger
its the sugar
i had clients
on a low carb come off there diabetes tabs and blood pressure meds
it can be done!

griffo4, Nov 29, 7:39pm
You can start by using smaller dinner plates and not filling them right up, more veges than meat and potato
l also found l need to sit and eat my meals at the table and not on the run
WW gave you a meal planner for each week which was handy and they had alot of recipes so you don't miss out on any foods
lf you can just channel your husbands workaholic energy into his weight control and he needs to learn to rest as well

uli, Nov 30, 7:59pm
And maybe you want to read this article and show your husband how he looks inside his tummy:


figjamto, Dec 3, 12:12am
Two words "Portion control".I have lost 13kg this year with this very much in mind, have cut out or down on refined sugar, salt, dairy, bread, potatoes, everything processesed or packaged. I have based my diet on the "Caveman Power Diet" you can google it.to put it in a nutshell anything a Caveman/Woman whould not recoginse you don't eat.it takes commitment and willpower but the results are slow but sure. and all I can say is that it is working for me.you dont need Jenny Craig or Weightwatchers either, its down to common sense. eat less, exercise more.calories inmust equal calories out

ams7, Dec 3, 7:24am
www.taste.com.au have a section for diabetics too.

svx1, Dec 3, 11:48am
hi there I would highly recommend Aktins as it helps people with diabetes and is a low carb diet it has proven to be one of the best diets of all time,You are looking at carbs and sugars as opposed to WW which counts the fat so go online to there website and U tube,You will hear and read fantastic success stories.Its basically meat and 3 veg easy cooking.cheers

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