Man Mission - Helping my husband eat.

cb14, Apr 3, 9:01pm
(I've also put this thread in General Discussion as wasn't sure where would get more ideas)

My husband is a very slight man.He says he has a super fast metabolism but I think it's due to the fact he's never eaten well - especially as a teen/young adult and he is considered underweight on the BMI scale.

My issue is - FOOD.!I can make pretty nutritional and filling meals for dinner but we struggle with food for lunch.He is sick to death of eating sandwiches.I don't blame him.!Would get pretty boring pretty quick.

I would love some suggestions on what to make him for lunch to help on his weight gain mission.Currently I am making him protein shakes for supper and then for breakfast.He has no time to eat a proper breakfast so the shakes are a great idea.The other shake he has as "Pudding" later after the kids are in bed.

The main thing to know is he has NO POWER where he works, no microwave, no hot water so has to be ideas he can just eat as is.

Can you give me some ideas.!

dbab, Apr 3, 9:17pm
Why does he have no time to eat breakfast!
If he got up a bit earlier he might have time.

cgvl, Apr 3, 9:28pm
dbab I cant eat breakfast as soon as I get up I need a couple of hours before I can stomach anything.
Breakfast is hard, as is lunch often. As its getting cooler what about soup or casserole in a flask (just make sure its really hot when it goes in).
would he eat things like wraps, savoury scones/muffins.
Cold cooked sausages.
What sort of things will he eat and then see if you can make these into lunchbox ideas.
I take a salad in a divided dish. crackers (salada type) with cheese, pickles etc in a side dish (so don't go soft). Hot soup in a flask or left over stew, wraps, rolls.

245sam, Apr 3, 9:49pm
cb14, my first thought re your husband's lunches, especially as the weather is getting progressively cooler was a food flask which is basically the same advice as cgvl has already given you.A food flask as compared to an ordinary flask would give lots of options for good hot/warm filling lunches e.g.thicker soups, casserole, stew - maybe even macaroni cheese - these lunches could all be eaten directly from the food flask .

For a cold option, how about Scotch Eggs! but really it depends on what your husband likes and will take the time, or have the time, to eat.

Hope these thoughts help.:-))

donnabeth, Apr 3, 9:56pm
I just found this in the other section, so copied and pasted my reply from there. Looks like my suggestions are like others', but they are worth a try.

No power, no microwave, no hot water. Could it be that he works hard at a physical job and quickly burns off any food! If so, what he eats needs to 'hit the spot' to be effective.

good on you for trying to get good nutritious food into him. I can sympathize with the bread thing; but it does have its place. Try filling a food flask with hot casseroles packed with potatoes, or a thick pea soup. Home made bread can be baked with creative flavours and is far more filling than bought stuff that goes mouldy in the heat.
If he is an outdoors physical worker, then yogurt, fruit and salad will not be sufficient on its own, but is tasty as a 'side'.

duckmoon, Apr 3, 10:49pm
I would start by getting out of bed 10 minutes earlier.
My hubby started work at 4am today, but still made time for breakfast.

If your man is motivated to put on some weight that would be a way to start.

Have you seen the indian style lunch boxes. are they called a "tiffin", and they keep food separate and hot. Send him to work with a "dinner" for lunch - in a thermos or tiffin

duckmoon, Apr 3, 10:50pm
stuffed potaotes are OK cold.

elliehen, Apr 3, 10:54pm
Did you know that ordinary oatmeal porridge is an anti-emetic and is often used in hospitals for cancer patients whose nausea makes it difficult for them to eat!

Experiment for a week and eat porridge for breakfast (unsweetened is best) and you might find that not only will you feel better, but you'll not be hungry till lunchtime.

cookessentials, Apr 3, 10:58pm
I would second the porridge too.make it with milk so that it is nice is creamy. Sorry had to edit.had a customer!
Protein is a real biggy too, it will help him feel fuller for longer. Make up a nice quiche ( but a thick one) that you can slice up for him.

valentino, Apr 4, 12:36am
A lot of savoury items can be pre-made, frozen and thawed when required like Bacon and Egg pies, Supreme Sausage Roll, Scotched eggs, even some soups are best cold like Vichysoisse Soup which can saved in serving batches in the freezer and then thawed and have with fresh buttered buns.

Also left overs from meals, like cold crumbed fish fillets, cold meats with some nice extras like a beetroot raw energy salad.

A simple meal can be made up and packed for a lunch or a late breakfast, supper. another are pancakes rolled with cream cheese salmon mix as a filling, so on.

Hopes this helps.

Editing to add that the use of a flask as noted above is excellent for hotter food items like soups, or a soupy casserole-stew, even a noodle soup meal (Asian style) homemade of course.

olishea, Apr 4, 12:50am
i flat with three hard working males and to make lunch easy we cook double dinner most nights and take leftovers to uni/work. fried rice dishes, pasta dishes, homemade pizzas, quiches
all can be made healthily and are just as yum cold the next day

beaker59, Apr 4, 3:51am
Protien shakes won't fatten anyone he needs carbs. Bread sugars starch etc etc.

Personally its snacks that keep me fat as I eat healthy otherwise. Fill his pockets with muesli bars, Bumper bars etc and tell him to snack all day.

cgvl, Apr 4, 10:03am
thanks for the thought ellihen but porridge and I are opposites ( the one food I really cant stomach or should I say my body hates me when I have it). Also neither do my blood sugars like me.
I have either toast or bacon with something else eg avocado, eggs etc.

Maybe a toasted type sandwich like a bacon, advocado and tomato for mid morning (breakfast) is an option OP

emmbee, Apr 4, 10:24am
Do you thinkmaybe you are over worrying!It sounds as though your husband is naturally slight, surely if he is fit and energetic, hes fine just how he is. You say he works, so he must be healthy. Isnt it healthier to be a bit underweight than overweight! anyway just a thought!

roys351, Apr 4, 10:41am
tell him to make his own lunch and stop being a doormat

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