SomeWhere Fancy to take my Husband For Anniversary

melr24, Oct 19, 7:54pm
just wondering on peoples thoughts for somewhere fancy in chch i could take my hubby for anniversary dinner!

guardy, Oct 19, 7:58pm
What part of Chch are you in!

melr24, Oct 19, 8:49pm
springston, but can go anywhere :)

iriegirl, Oct 20, 3:01am
Don't know if their new premises is "classy" or not, but I would reccommend the"Bodhi Tree" in Ilam Rd. Their cuisine is Burmese and just amazing! Alternately I would also reccomend Rotherhams in Riccarton, which is definately fine dining and good food. Have a great meal where ever you go :o)

chatsmom, Oct 20, 7:18am
Cook n with Gas - we went there last year for our anniversary and it was lovely. The staff asked were we there for a reason and when we said yes, we got a glass of champagne each free.The food is wonderful and the service spot on.
If you have an entertainment book it makes the evening a very good deal.

There's also Tiffanys and Rotherhams

cuddlycritters, Oct 20, 7:49am
Edesia - close to Riccarton.It's suitably fancy, the staff are lovely, and the food is divine!Have put link here, the website has menus etc.

antoniab, Oct 21, 1:32am
OMG that menu sounds amazing!

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