I'm treating my husband tonight

pickles7, Jul 7, 9:37pm
At near $9.00 each oxtail. My husband's excitement is rising, he is in for a treat 'tonight'.

whitehead., Jul 7, 9:48pm
i love oxtail and used to give it to my family often then the price went through the roof and now days unless i find a cheap one forget it . goes really well in the slow cooker

buzzy110, Jul 7, 10:46pm
Cripes. $9.00 each! No wonder your husband is getting all hot and bothered.

samanya, Jul 8, 5:38am
Is that $9 for a whole tail?
$9 is cheap where i live, & I'd happily pay that.

rainrain1, Jul 8, 5:44am
Delicious oxtail. enjoy it pickles7

pickles7, Jul 8, 10:01pm
the most I had paid before was $7.00 each so I thought $9.00 to be getting ova the top. samanya.
they were yummy,,,,rainrain1 .
Slow cooked with carrots, onion, garlic and parsnips

fifie, Jul 9, 12:42am
Oh yum pickles, done one last week with star anise flavours they are a great winter meal, are $15 here in some butchers shops, i dont pay that mine comes with the beef we get.

kiwitrish, Jul 9, 12:56am
Love oxtail. Not had it for a long time. Last time I cooked it I used Roald Dahl's recipe where I roasted the oxtails first. Tasted so good.

buzzy110, Jul 9, 2:15am
The person who gave me my recipe for oxtail stew using Guinness advised me to "stretch" oxtails by adding a small amount of chuck steak, or similar.

joybells2, Jul 9, 5:10am
Love oxtail but so expensive, remember when we were kids we always had oxtail stew.

pickles7, Jul 9, 5:16am
mmmmm just no bone to suck on chuck steak,,,,,

rainrain1, Jul 9, 6:26am
Yes, been known to do that,

uli, Jul 9, 9:06am
Did your husband felt "treated"?

pickles7, Jul 9, 9:18am
yep he sure did uli, that sould keep in line for months, lol.

smallwoods, Jul 9, 9:28am
Maybe he will "treat" the cook tonight?
Get her hot and bothered.

smallwoods, Jul 9, 9:29am
My oxtail is going to be free, as it is attached to the rest of the beast in the chiller.

pickles7, Jul 9, 9:52am
You are so lucky.

niffer13, Jul 12, 5:09am
My mouth is watering. Also like neck chops- lamb, hogget or mutton!

rosejenny38, Mar 19, 5:43pm
Never mind the oxtail, the humour on here is great ! Thanks guys !

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