Help fussy husband

pearly69, Aug 24, 7:06am
i need some good healthy recipes to cook but my husband is so fussy, its hard to find good oneshe doesnt like stirfries so what else is out there

scarlettnz, Aug 24, 7:10am
Try telling him to cook his own dinner then, if he's going to be that fussy lol.Just kidding.You might like to take a look at the Healthy Food website, have heaps of good recipes.

fifie, Aug 24, 7:17am
If he's hungry he will eat what you make. Tell him your not his mother running after him and to cook his own Lol.

jag5, Aug 24, 7:24am
If he is hungry.he will eati it.same philosophy I applied to my children.I still made their favourites in between.but they had to eat what was put in front of them.

Can't abide fussy eaters.thankfully, my hubby will eat anything I put in front of him LOL

beaker59, Aug 24, 7:54am
I have the same problem with my wife which is worse because she changes her mind randomly over what she doesn't like.

kuaka, Aug 24, 8:24am
try giving him the same thing every day until he says he's sick of it, by then he should happily eat anything.Or see a good divorce lawyer!

aaanda, Aug 24, 10:23am
Agree with above, he either eats the same as everyone or he cooks!

elliehen, Aug 24, 10:38am
Do a swap with the OP and put the two fusspots together ;)

kuaka, Aug 24, 10:43am
Seriously though, dare I ask how old he is and how long you have been married!

lythande1, Aug 24, 7:13pm
Fussy husbands are like fussy kids. Let them go hungry and then they stop being fussy.

Or seeing as he's old enough, tell him to do the cooking.

beaker59, Aug 24, 10:15pm
Nah you sort of get used to having them around after a while and anyway you would only be swapping one set of problems for another, better the devil you know.

cookessentials, Aug 24, 10:24pm
What sorts of things WILL he eat pearly! that will give a better idea of what can be made with the things he actually will eat.

beaker59, Aug 24, 10:25pm
This is one recipe I had success with wife who struggles to eat greens which is a pain as I enjoy vege gardening.

about 3 cups of left over mashed potato (dry and firm is best)
a large pot of silver beet steamed down to well cooked and then well compressed to remove as much water as possible (keep the water by adding to your vege stock) you should end up with a cup ofcooked silverbeet.
add those to a mixing bowl add 1 egg a handful or two of breadcrumbs teaspoon of flour and salt and pepper to taste mix well then leave sit for half an hour before compressing into patties which are then crumbed well you can put them in the fridge for a few hours if you wish to or fry straight away. Then fry these in 50/50 butter oil mix until golden brown on outside.

Very popular in this house and even the green avoiders like them.

elliehen, Aug 25, 12:32am
Try her on steamed broccoli in an oven dish with this sauce overtop:
creamed mushrooms - or a can of condensed mushroom soup if you're not uptight about cans ;)
Combine with:
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon curry powder

Dot with breadcrumbs mixed with grated cheese (optional.or dot with butter) and bake 20 mins at 180*C until browned on top

beaker59, Aug 25, 12:40am
Interestingly I did something fairly similar last night that went well, bechamel sauce mushrooms with plenty of shallots (they are sooo creamy and sweet this year mmmm) and steamed brocolli it went down really well (too hard to scrape the sauce out of the brocolli so might as well eat the lot :) (actually she doesn't mind brocolli thats one that seems to go OK)

elliehen, Aug 25, 2:27am
Must add shallots to mine.You're right about the sauce.worth eating the broccoli for the sauce!I created this originally for kids and they would eat the lot.

rainrain1, Aug 25, 5:30am
Box his ears

lindylambchops1, Aug 25, 7:25am

leebee35, Aug 25, 9:26am
Yeah get rid of him. if he is fussy with his food he must have other issues too,!

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