Healthy Heart Book Recipe Please :)

rosie, Jan 6, 8:29pm
Sadly I have lost my healthy heart recipe book and there is a recipe I would love if anyone would mind posting it for me I would be so so grateful.

It is called cuppa slice or similar? and is a muesli type slice that has a cup of most ingredients and a cup of milk to mix and then you bake, super healthy and actually really nice :)

Thanks so much if anyone can help

245sam, Jan 6, 11:10pm
CUPPA SQUARE from 'Fine Food for the Heart'
“A quick and easy slice, full of fibre and low in fat. The natural sweetness of the dried fruit helps to keep the sugar low.”

1 cup each of bran, rolled oats and self-raising wholemeal flour
½ cup raw sugar
1 cup each of roughly chopped walnuts, roughly chopped dried apricots and non-fat milk

Mix all the ingredients together. Press into a lightly greased 28cm x 18cm sponge roll tin.
Bake at 150ºC for 25-30 minutes, or until firm to touch.
Cut when cold.
Makes 24 pieces [543 kJ (129 Cal) per serve]. :-))

rosie, Feb 8, 12:04am
oh that's the one, perfect! Thank you so much :)

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