had a heart attack

janeyp, Mar 31, 5:59am
3 weeks ago and would like some nice healthy reicpes please and forget tofu and soybeans want healthy but using everyday foods with alternatives for them. cant afford fancy foods

fisher, Mar 31, 6:17am
Horse, cart, gate, paddock syndrome :}}Just eat normally. . just be aware of what your eating...

mismuffet, Mar 31, 7:16am
Check out the Healthy Food website and also the Heart Foundation website. Do they run a Cardiac Rehabilitation Course in your area? Here in Canterbury it's a 6 week course and enlightens you to things that you already know but just haven't been thinking about for a while. You don't necessarily need to stock your pantry with heart tick food as it can be considerably more expensive than other options, read food labels and purchase food with similar levels. When you're feeling up to it, exercise working up to 30 minutes a day. Become aware of how your medications affect you. Being 3 weeks past your event means you have the opportunity to change the way you live. Good luck.

tuscany9, Mar 31, 9:19am
I also have a heart condition and know how vulnerable you are feeling. Good on you for looking for the right recipes to help you feel much healthier. You will get a lot of help from others on this site but the best advice I can give is to use your local library. They will have recipe books written especially for people with heart problems. Take care of yourself, dont expect too much of yourself too soon, you are in the very early days of recovery but you will feel so much better and more confident every day. And also don't be afraid to accept every little bit of help offered by friends and family.
I wish you all the very best.

uli, Mar 31, 8:48pm
janeyp - I am sorry to hear what has happened. I will not give any advice - as I know that my advice would be contrary to any other you will get from the medical profession in this country.

I would like to encourage you to find answers for yourself and find out why this has happened and where to from here. There are some very good threads on this board and many websites too. But in the end YOU must make a decision about how you are going to prevent any more problems.

Maybe the "Heart Scan blog" is a good place to start:
http://heartscanblog. blogspot.com/

It is written by an Cardiologist from the US who has seen that not all the myths dished out do actually work - so he is sharing his views as a specialist on heart disease with the rest of us.

This may get you started on further questions and you can find answers that your doctor or dietician may not be able to give you.

Good luck with taking your road to recovery into your own hands!

bedazzledjewels, Mar 31, 8:56pm
Janeyp - so sorry you've been through this.
I wish you a speedy recovery and better health.
I'm sure your health professionals are giving you advice they want you to follow. Perhaps something you can do is to try to eat real natural foods wherever you can. Good luck.

buzzy110, Dec 22, 6:16pm
What was your diet like prior to your unfortunate and really scary event? What age group are you in?

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