Heart Foundation Cookbook Recipes Please :O)

annable, Apr 4, 3:04am
If any one has a heart foundation recipe book and favourite quick and easy recipe/s for 2 persons or more, We would really appreciate if they could copy them here .....
Many thanks in advance ...

elliehen, Apr 4, 3:08am
I have at least one book I could list for you, if you like (one dollar plus cost of postage).

tarshlove, Apr 4, 3:39am
I know that the web site has some recipes that you could copy if that is any help http://www.heartfoundation.org.nz/index.asp?PageID=2145822189 or you can buy them here http://www.heartfoundation.org.nz/shop/shop.asp?pageid=2145885597 :)

tarshlove, Apr 4, 3:39am
That's nice of you

annable, Apr 4, 3:41am
hi elliehenis it a heart foundation one ??,these books are hard to come by locally ..and that deal sounds awesome Thank you :0)

annable, Apr 4, 3:45am
thanks tarshlove,I will have a loo around that site,it looks interesting :O)

tarshlove, Apr 4, 3:53am
I use it a lot as I have heart failure myself :o)

dbab, Apr 4, 4:47am
I got a book called Food, Heart, Life from New World supermarket the other day. it was free with 2 containers of Flora margarine. My husband uses the margarine anyway, so I figured I might as well get something for nothing.
i think the RRP is something like $35.95.
It's designed for lowering your cholesterol, but that will be good for your heart too.
It's a lovely hard covered book.

tarshlove, Apr 4, 5:08am
Yeah i saw that book at our local New world it actually looked really good.

elliehen, Apr 4, 5:55am
It's actually one produced in 2006 by the Canterbury District Health Board, a health initiative by their dietitians and supported by Health Canterbury.

I have had a quick search for the actual Heart Foundation publications (the A4 size cookbooks) and I think they went out for sale at our March fundraiser.I'll put this up as a listing for you with just your name in the listing.It's a good one.

Edited to add:All done...make sure you do the Buy Now :)

annable, Apr 15, 2:57am
Just a quick Note to say ,what A lovely LovelyLady elliehen is,
not only did she put up a recipe book for me to buy and at avery cheap price ,But Also aHeart foundationrecipe Bookarrived today sent as a gift from her .....Many Many thanks ellie,its fantastic,may everything you wish for come your wayxxx and lots of Hen Hugs ;O)

elliehen, Apr 15, 5:34am
It was my pleasure, annable.I love uniting readers and books :)

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