Help, got ox heart , liver and tongue

petal1955, Sep 16, 7:04pm
Wlle lambs fry or ox fry. must be cut into small strips like stroganoff. and quickly fried (flash fry) over a high heat for 30 sec (otherwise will be as tough as old boots).serve with caramalized onions in balsamic vinegar, oil and muscovado sugar) with mashed agria potatoes with garlic butter and sour cream bacon and gravy.and a green veg (silverbeet) is good.

petal1955, Sep 16, 7:05pm
Ox heart is best sliced thin and floured and browned and then placed in a casserole with onions and carrots and cooked slowly. till it melts in your mouth (Slow cooker or crock pot is good)

petal1955, Sep 16, 7:06pm
Corned ox tongue was poor man's corned beef when I was a kid. has to be cooked for a long time then the skin of the tongue peeled off. and then pressed in a bowl with aspic jelly. good it just tastes so good. sliced then and in a sandwich or with a salad. even not corned. still cook the same way.

ruby2shoes, Sep 16, 7:08pm
it all sounds revolting, lol, but when this stuff is cooked on those cooking shows, the judges drool over it when its done correctly.

arielbooks, Sep 16, 8:52pm
My mother used to stuff Ox Hearts and slow roast them, then served sliced. From memory they were like Beef Olives and had the texture of Steak.

rainrain1, Sep 16, 8:52pm
I can eat tripe, sheeps brains, tongue, liver, kidneys, sweetbreads etc, but somehow I cannot bring myself to eat the heart of the animal

fifie, Sep 17, 1:10am
Sliced liver and bacon with a few peas done in a packet of gravy in slowcooker is good.
Ox tongue can be cooked skinned sliced mixed into gravy, i keep mine in freezer till summer cook in slow cooker skin and press, yummo with salads.
Sheep hearts stuffed with herb bread stuffing slow cooked are good to.

whitehead., Sep 17, 4:36am
please can i come and live at your house i love tongue

whitehead., Sep 17, 4:39am
liver flash fried in a hot pan till pink in the middle remove from the pan toss in two sliced tomatoes and fry then dust with flour and make a gravy with the scratchings in the pan return the liver to heat up and eat with lots of mashed spud .then leave the table and crawl into bed and sleep it off its yummy

whitehead., Sep 17, 4:41am
slice as for steak and cook as steak in butter so it browns its the best steak you will ever have

rainrain1, Sep 17, 5:33am
Not on yer Nellie

petal1955, Sep 17, 5:43am
I still cook lots of the food I was brought up on. only give it a modern partner says I couldnt make food taste anything but nice.he says it would be hard for me to make food that didnt taste nice. his favourite food is SECONDS !

beaker59, Sep 17, 5:46am
Ox Liver is absolutely awesome bait for snapper. Back when you could buy them for 50cents each at the abattoir I used to buy 5 at a time (about25KG) then cut them into bait sized pieces and freeze in 1Kg packs, no waste and easy for baiting up. You get less pickers and bigger snapper on average.

chevcamaro, Oct 21, 7:55am
need some help to change these odd looking creatures to devine creations with a little bit of help from you kind people

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