Help, got ox heart , liver and tongue

chevcamaro, Sep 19, 4:04am
need some help to change these odd looking creatures to devine creations with a little bit of help from you kind people

tjman, Sep 19, 4:06am
Cant go there sorry. Squeamish

harrislucinda, Sep 19, 4:15am
the tongue can be made into a mould and used sliced cold yumm the liver fry and bacon yumm again not sure about the heart

lilyfield, Sep 19, 4:32am
Cut up the heart and make into stew

herself, Sep 19, 4:37am
Yeah, Liver and Bacon and Onions! The heart can be curried if you like or stewed. Pressed Tongue is delicious.

fifie, Sep 19, 4:47am
Stuffed heart with gravy, pressed tongue, liver/bacon/onions and gravy all cooked in crockpot, or just fry liver bacon and onions.

punkinthefirst, Sep 19, 5:38am
Ox-heart is usually a bit tough and relatively fat-free. Either use a moist, slow, cooking method, or mince it and use as you would normal mince. Tongue. cook with water, onion, peppercorns and salt til tender, peel off the skin, remove the tiny bones and cartilage from the base, curl up and press under a plate with weights (large cans of fruit or whatever will do) in some sort of container which will just hold it. When cold, slice and serve. Makes tasy sandwich fillings or sliced cold meat with a salad. The liver may or may not be fairly strongly flavoured, depending on the age of the animal. You are better off to slice it thinly and soak in milk overnight, before draining, drying and use it in your usual dishes. Everyone has their favourite way of cooking liver. I just flour it and fry really quickly -til just pink- and serve immediately. Others like their liver really well cooked.

arielbooks, Sep 19, 5:42am
My mother used to stuff Ox Heart and roast it whole then serve sliced. It was a bit like steak.

amiri1, Sep 19, 10:43pm
Just trim the heart of any "bits", slice up thin and cook quickly like a medium rare steak. Or slice and use in stir-fry. Just cook it quickly and not for long. I haven't had it for a while but that's how I use it. :)

whitehead., Sep 20, 1:00am
trear the heart as a steak and cut in slices and quick fry if you trim the fat off it people dont know the diffrence

beaker59, Sep 20, 2:40am
Ox heart and tongue are great as discussed above. Did you get the kidneys they are the best beef offal.

Ox Liver I am not a fan of its a bit strong flavoured for me.

However Ox Liver makes awesome snapper bait, back when you could buy them for 50c each I used to buy 5 whole livers at this time of year then cut it all into bait sized pieces and freeze into 1Kg bags. We found during summer it was the best bait for snapper and generally you caught the larger fish on it.

stuyve, Sep 28, 12:25am
Tongue- soak in salt water for 12 hours then scrub and rinse well. put in pot with fresh water and cook slowly for several hours. when cooked fork goes in easily. lift out and cool slightly. Carefully take skin off, don't burn yourself. Slice and enjoy as is hot or cold
Tongues r best cooked fresh without pickling or freezing.
I find they last 24 hrs here if youre lucky

heart- slice thinly and cook slowly with onion, garlic, red wine,homemade tomato sauce, plum sauce. Yum Yum

uli, Sep 28, 3:09am
bump for more recipes

wasala, Sep 27, 7:47am
I bought some of these little delicacies yesterday. Unfortunately my husband saw them and immediately railed against the idea of eating such a thing but my son, who only knew that he was having 'little, individual stuffed lamb roasts,' polished off three in short order tonight and declared them delicious.

I made a stuffing of sautéed leeks, fresh coriander, basil and chives, plus wholemeal toast, and a couple of tablespoons of plum chutney. I wrapped each stuffed heart in its own little piece of tinfoil and roasted them along with potatoes and yams. Sorry, anti-carb folk!

I had a wee taste of a heart and I thought it was great. I just hope that nobody ever tells DS what they really were, although why people have issues with offal is beyond me - except for tripe!

Apart from anything else, this was a very low-cost meal!

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