Butter replacement for heart patient

item_buyer1, Apr 28, 10:21am
My husband had a heart scareand was told to cut fat from his diet. What can he used instead of butter which he like to use generously ? Im unsure if margarine would be any better than butter ?

hezwez, Apr 28, 10:37am
Might pay to have a chat with the cardiac educator at the hospital. Also contact the hospital dietician. Many areas have supermarket tours for both diabetic and cardiac patients where the fundamentals of label reading are covered. You'll get many conflicting ideas here about fats. Remember that food alone isn't the answer, exercise and lifestyle choices (smoking/alcohol) all come into the equation, and some physiotherapy departments run classes for people with cardiac conditions, with subsequent cheaper gym memberships. A 'green prescription' from his doctor or practice nurse may be worth looking into too. All the best to you both.
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beaker59, Apr 28, 10:47am
Personally I reckon its more about how much you consume than what. I have been in a similar place and turned things around by eating better. So more fruit and veg with that nice lamb chop and still use butter but spread it thinner and then increase the exercise. You could look at it as eating the same food just change the balance in favour of the stuff you already know is good. Add in a bit of exercise and all will improve.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 28, 6:23pm
Poster #1 - I suggest you post this in the Health forum as some people here discourage this type of post in a Recipes section.
Good luck.

item_buyer1, Apr 28, 11:29pm
Thanks for this info including using the health forum... will do

buzzy110, Apr 29, 12:12am
In the meantime you might want to purchase a copy of the heart foundation "Fine Food For The Heart". It has all their guidelines (admittedly the one I got yesterday was printed in 1987) and a whole heap of ghastly recipes for you to make.

Your doctors are obliged to follow official dietary guidelines when advising you about diet. I and other posters in here who know stuff are not permitted by the SAPP on this board to inform you that there is a better way but if you wanted to, you would get a lot of support and information from the low carb thread.

uli, Apr 30, 1:54am
Did you get any answers?

item_buyer1, May 7, 7:36pm
Switched from butter to using Olivani sparingly. Eating more fruit and vegs and changed from white bread to whole grain bread . So far so good

marielize1, Apr 10, 6:55am
It might also be of interest to you, to see what this month's (May 2010) American Scientist have to say about the topic.

http://www.scientificamerican.com/article. cfm? id=carbs-again

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