A sheeps heart

rainrain1, Apr 18, 8:21pm
and two kidneys.do I feed Spooks the cat with them, or has someone a lunch idea so that I can combine them with something else and make a mini stew or something kind of interesting.not everybody's cup of tea, but someone in this house loves all this gunk.

kassie48, Apr 18, 8:48pm
don't know how I am even posting this. From lefthand message board

texture is a bit different to todays meats, stuffed sheeps hearts with gravy are fine, try this. Wash heart cut off fat and arteries. mix up your stuffing plenty of herb flavour, fill cavity and sew up end to keep stuffing in. Rub all over with oil season with salt/gr pepper brown all sides in a hot frying pan, place heart in the crockpot. De glaze pan with a little water,add some beef stock s/p and thickening to make a gravy OR use a packet mix ,mix well pour over heart lid on and cook. They need long slow cooking to be tender, slice serve with vegs, potatoes and gravy over the top.


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bedazzledjewels, Apr 18, 8:55pm
I'd be very interested in some good heart recipes. TIA.

245sam, Apr 18, 9:54pm
From many years ago I remember my Mum roasting hearts alongside the mutton roast - the heart was prepared as at #2 then Mum added chopped onion, salt, pepper and plenty of dried mixed herbs.This was not a favourite of mine hence the fact that I have never cooked heart myself.I do however enjoy kidneys cooked bascially as in the following recipe.

4 sheep kidneys
2 bacon rashers
1 small onion
1 small tsp mustard
Worcestershire sauce

Cut the bacon into small pieces and cook it until browning.Add the finely chopped onion and continue browning.Add the sliced kidneys and cook a little.Add the flour (1-2 tsp or as preferred), salt and pepper, then add sufficient water to cover.Simmer for an hour or until tender.Thicken some more if necessary, adding the mustard and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.
Serve on hot buttered toast.

Hope that helps.:-))

kay141, Apr 18, 10:16pm
I trim mine, stuff it, tie it up, brown it, remove from pan, brown some onion, put heart back and then add some water or stock, put the lid on and stick it in a slowish oven for a few hours. I check the water now and then. After it is cooked, I remove the heart, put the pan on a high heat, and use the onions and juices for gravy. it is probably the same as my mother did and works just as well for beef heart but that needs longer cooking. I usually cook 2 or more hearts at the same time. The extras are sliced, covered with gravy and frozen in meal sized portions.

cookessentials, Apr 18, 11:12pm
I give our cats lamb hearts, they love them.

rainrain1, Apr 19, 5:43am
I wouldn't be bothered stuffing one little heart.I made a combination stew in the end and added an onion and stock cube for flavour, then thickened it.thems that ate it think I'm tops.Mind you they were mighty lucky Spooks didn't get it, because I'm not at all keen on touching hearts lol, if it wasn't for the fact that she is up overnight at the vets minus her reproduction bits, she may well have had it in her dish.

maximus44, Apr 19, 5:59am
Years ago my mother roasted a heart just to try it. From memory I don't think we liked it that much. It probably depends on how you cook it. I used to like liver and brains but not kidneys.

seano7, Apr 19, 7:23am
the mucle is ok to eat but body parts. I remember my mum eating a lambs toung sandwich and I have never felt so sick

dalkemade, Apr 19, 7:32am
Hey seano7 what are you worrying about. No matter what part it is all dead flesh!

kay141, Apr 19, 7:43am
I love tongue. Bit hard to get round down though.

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