I just used sausage meat as a quiche base

lindylambchops1, Jul 28, 5:06am
Mixed the sausage meat with sage & whole rolled oats added a beaten egg & a little plain flour to make it manageable.Lined a glass quiche flan dish with it.Chopped onion, sliced mushrooms, grated cheese, & beat 4 eggs with a cup of milk.Cooked for approx 45 mins on 200C.Looks great!

shop-a-holic, Jul 28, 5:22am
Yum!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

wellx3, Jul 28, 11:01am
mince and sausage meat pizza bases are good too prefer it to meatloaf

asue, Jul 28, 10:18pm
I use to make this all the time when my kids were little.We use to call it schoolboy pie (dunno why).Have changed the toppings just with a tin of spagetti/baked beans/leftover veg/froz veg and grated cheese or croutons/ breadcrumbs etc on top.An economical dish. (Those days sausage meat was 79 cents a packet).Was always asked for it when the kids had friends staying for tea.

buzzy110, Jul 28, 11:01pm
lindy you are amazing. I have to take a plate on Sunday and the best I could come up with was Scotch Eggs. They are time consuming and fiddly. Your idea is a great compromise.

shop-a-holic, Jul 29, 5:22am
Yum! Thanks so much for sharing!

r-mvz, Jul 30, 6:57am
My Mum would make this when I was little.It is a great dish either hot or cold.Have carried on the tradition and make it for my family.

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