Sausage meat...

fluffyfings, Mar 27, 10:17am
and alot of it... we have about 8 packets of sausage meat and have no idea other than sausage rolls to use it for.

Has anyone got some good recipes... We are a family of 4 adults and two children

bjkiwi, Mar 27, 10:17am

1buzemum, Mar 27, 10:31am
wiz 3 slices bread, then add
1 Roughly chopped onion, 1/2 cup crushed pineapple (drained) parsley, 1 teaspoon Thyme, pinch salt

wizz till all well mixed, with wet hands roll into bite size balls microwave till cooked.
Then just brown (fry) before eating.

My kids love these, and I make them if we have roast chicken

245sam, Mar 27, 11:06am
fluffyfings, have a look at:- asp
x? id=13620

Also try doing a search here on this Trademe MB using 'sausagemeat' as the Keyword and 'Anytime' as the Date posted. :-))

gilligee, Mar 27, 11:31am
Scotch Eggs... ...

gaspodetwd, Mar 27, 8:20pm
Stuffed marrow. Which are very cheap and in season. I add finely chopped onion and grated carrot to mine.

wahinetoa62, Mar 27, 8:24pm
gosh so much you can do with them... . i love my own crumbed sausauges by adding one finely chopped onion and a med tin of crushed pineapple with the juice into 2 pkts of sausage meat then mix with wet hands... form into sausages and roll in breadcrumbs... . or you can make into meatloaf with a finely chopped onion, chopped peppers, grated green apples, squirt of mustard, splodge of tomato sauce and pop into loaftin... nice with mashed spud

goatroast, Mar 27, 10:39pm
google "sausage meat plait". Delicious! I made one when I was doing home ec at school and I'm going to make one tonight for tea

susan21, Mar 28, 2:21am
Crumbed Saussies

Sausage Meat, grated cheese, finely chopped onion, salt, pepper, tomato sauce, chilli powder/sauce.

Mix all together, form into sausages, and roll in mixture of crumbled weetbix and breadcrumbs.

shazza34, Mar 28, 4:15am
My family love sausage pie. Version 1 Sausage meat 2=4 tablespoons of tomato sauceand a few shakes of mixed herbs and a couple of cups of frozen mixed vege for a quick meal just mix together and put in pastry, I use a flan dish and line and put a top on. cook 20 mins at 150 then 20 mins at 180. This was our korean students favourite NZ food lol
The other is mystery pie sausage meat, mushrooms, a cup of cooked rice, pineapple pieces and cashew nuts mix together and put into pastry. Is really nice cold in lunchboxes so my son tells me . Cold doesn't appeal to me

lindylambchops1, Mar 28, 8:42am
I always have sausage meat in the freezer. I use mine for a sausage pastry plait, Scotch eggs, meatloaf, also I add a cup of sage & onion stuffing mix to it with milk or water, approx 1 cup & microwave it. This makes a nice cold meat loaf for sandwiches. We call it Hazlett. Very tasty!

allnall, Mar 28, 10:49am
My family loves the sausage pie too... ours is made with a tblsp of vinegar, tsp curry, tsp of sugar mixed with the sausage meat then throw grated apple, potatoe, onion, carrot, sliced silverbeet and any other vegie in the fridge in, line a large pie dish with pastry and put meat on top fellowed by sliced tomatoes, bread crumbs and cheese. Cook 220c for 15 mins then 180c for another 30mins ... (i think)It also freezes really well. The males in my family love it and I manage to sneak the vegies in with the kids

baalamb, Mar 28, 7:22pm
Mix equal amounts of sausage meat and mince, add an egg and seasonings and shape into a meatloaf - serve hot with or without gravy and handy cold for sandwiches too

cottagerose, Dec 17, 10:41am
Mix with mince, breadcrumbs, onions and sweet chilli sauce and make rissoles and freeze

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