Crumbed Sausage Recipe Anyone ???????

smendalbear, Jan 9, 1:37am
Can't stand the Sausages that they produce these days and we don't have a local butcher anymore.
Has anyone got a good old fashioned recipe that they would care to share. Have just brought some sausage meat, very light colour from what I remember from days of old. Thanks in advance.

timetable, Jan 9, 1:58am
i just use good old sausage meat and add a bit of extra flavor with crushed garlic, worshire sauce etc then shape into sausage shape and roll in a mix of homemade breadcrumbs and store brought ones and the fry as usual... taste yum and will frezze well if you want to make batch's in advance... i would do about 5 tubes of sausage meat at a time and cook a heap and put down in bags so that either reheat in micro or put in a cassarole dish with gravey, veg, onions etc and bake in the oven...

camper18, Jan 10, 12:26am
Instead of plain breadcrumbs I use "Stuffing Mix" to crumb sausages, chops, schnitzel, etc. Gives a nice savoury taste.

gardie, Jan 10, 5:48pm
Good tip - I often wonder what to use the rest of the packet for.

chooky, Jan 10, 7:55pm
I make these and they are lovely.
800g sausage meat.1 carrot grated.
2 tsp soya sauce2 tbsp choped parsley.
1/4 c breadcrumpssalt /pepper
oil for frying.1 onion grated
Put sausage meat into a bowl, add onion ( I add garlic as well), carrot, soya sauce, parsley,and breadcrumps, s/p. Mix it altogether, shape the mixture into logs, roll into more breadcrumps and firmly coat. Leave in fridge for 45mins. Heat oil and gently fry until cooked. Drain and serve.

smendalbear, Jan 13, 7:27am
Hi Everybody and many thanks for your replies.
"Chooky" I have tried your recipe and they are Yummy !!!Just like I remember from days gone. "Timetable" I will try yours next. I will also pass on these yummy recipes to other friends etc .Can't wait to try them on the Barbeque.

chooky, Jan 14, 10:07pm
Pleased you liked them smendalbear. They were good when the kids were young, as I could hide all sorts of grated vegetablesin them and to the kids they were just sausages.

dbab, Jan 14, 10:15pm
I gate an apple and an onion into sausagemeat, and then add a bit of curry powder and chopped parsley. You could crumb these if you wanted to. I think you could add any flavouring you choose.

susan21, Jan 15, 2:10am
Crumbed Sausages
Sausage Meat, grated cheese, onion (either grated or finely sliced), chilli sauce, tomato sauce, salt and pepper. Form back into saussies, roll in a mixture of breadcrumbs and crumbled weetbix.

smendalbear, Jan 19, 8:42am
Hi Folks.
Many many thanks for all your answers.I think that it is time to try all sorts of combernations of tastes and see how they turn out.

hollypc, Jan 19, 7:02pm
Has anyone tried the Panko breadcrumbs, they are the chinese ones , would never use anything else.

smendalbear, Jan 20, 9:34am
Hi Hollypc.
Where can you buy these crumbs from, Are they in a box or bag like packet?.

pogram0, Jan 21, 5:49am
Panko crumbs are available at most supermarkets but you might have to look in the Japanese section for them.

modelsforu, Jan 24, 11:28pm
Made Crumbed sausage yesterday using tips from here. Result "Yummy"

timetable, Jan 25, 12:07am
mmmmmm chooky i likes the sound of your recipe!!!me thinks that i may be changing a couple of our meals on our menu planner so that these wee yummies are for tea!!thanks heaps -
smen... lol you have to let us know how they all taste - you can be our offical test kitchen lol!!!blessings...

smendalbear, Mar 1, 8:55am
I just have to say that we have made these sausage's a few times now and we are hooked.Each batch tastes better and quite different from the last. The skys the limit on what flavours you can add or delete.
Supermarket suasages are gone for good.