How do you make Meatloaf without sausage meat ?

jsc1, May 31, 11:55pm
I want to make meatloaf without processed food like sausage meat or bread crumbs or flour for health reasons. What can I use to bind the mince together I can use eggs but may need something else?

willman, Jun 1, 12:25am
I use Porridge Oats, about 1/2 cup.

articferrit, Jun 1, 12:31am
You can use rolled oats instead of flour in the mix, or instead of breadcrumbs on the outside, only use 1 egg and mix it into the mince well before before you add everything else, dont know why it works but it does. You could add a packet of dry soup mix, such as tomato or mushroom, which will hold it together.

lythande1, Jun 1, 12:47am
I never use sausage meat, or grains.

petal1955, Jun 1, 1:01am
If you want something gluten free. add cooked rice.that will bind the meat loaf along with a egg

bisloy, Jun 1, 3:34am
You can use stale crackers too. Just whizz or bash them to a crumb.

korbo, Jun 1, 3:36am
I had to ask myself. what is sausage meat made of. never given it a thought.

geldof, Jun 1, 3:56am
You don't need anything to bind the mince. Spend a few minutes 'massaging' it when you ix all the ingredients and it binds really well.

samanya, Jun 1, 4:41am
I read somewhere (I think it was an old Alison Holst book) to whizz a portion of the mince.

lilyfield, Jun 1, 5:05am
stale crackers freshen up in an oven when you have it in use anyway

jsc1, Jun 1, 6:26am
Thanks these are great ideas thanks. Oats would be good I guess it would soak up the juice from the mince and make it sticky too.
I have to eat straight unprocessed meat otherwise I get an erratic heartbeat. God knows what filler they put in sausage meat.

karlymouse, Jun 1, 6:51am
According to the Hairy Bikers cooks. if you mince your own meat, add some marrow it doesn't need anything to bind it together. (bone marrow from bones that it not watery garden marrow :)

strathview, Jun 1, 8:12am
Thanks so much jsc1 for the comment about erractic heartbeat. I had sausage rolls for lunch today and my heart has been jumping around something bad. I was blaming the cold weather but it has been cold for days and I couldn't understand why my heartbeat was going nuts today. I will test out your theory as it just might help me stay off the betablockers completely. The betablockers do not agree with me much either and I'm trying to work out dosage with help from my cardiologist.

jsc1, Jun 2, 6:12am
I decided to keep a diary of everything I ate and recorded the times of when my heart was jumping around. It turns out it was just processed food like sausage rolls causing it but I could eat a lamb chop or pork chop and I'm fine. I would love a cheese sandwich right now but its not worth it so will have a jar of mussels instead. There's always alternatives. Good luck

strathview, Jun 2, 7:16am
Thank you jsc1. I have found I can eat most meats with the exception of beef. I have been a little suspicious of processed meats for while but thought I was being silly. I'm fortunate that I have access to plenty of mutton, lamb, duck, chicken, rabbit, vension, and fish so don't need to eat processed meats. I will keep a diary too for the doc and see what her thoughts are. It has been rather frustrating trying out different beta blockers.

timturtle, Jun 2, 7:52am
Do you have a kitchen whizz OP ? If you put mince in it and process it turns it in sausage meat with no additives - I use this for scotch eggs

eljayv, Jun 2, 9:42pm
True, my old aunt used to make what she called Russian roast, or was that rushin (rushing) roast. Also I believe Mac Donald’s meat patties are just mince and they hold together just fine, found this out when on special diet and if hungry I could get a burger patty minus the bread.

uli, Jun 8, 4:54am
I make meatballs out of plain beef mince with no additions at all. Never fall apart.

zsazsa777, Jun 10, 9:23am
I add a tin of spaghetti and some mixed herbs. Very nice.

crazynana, Jun 13, 2:47am
I make meat loaf or burger patties with about 500grams mince, a dash of worcestershire sauce a splosh (maybe two dashes) of tomato sauce, a packet Maggi onion soup, an egg and salt and pepper. Mix well and shape into patties or meatballs or bake in a loaf tin.

sarahb5, Aug 24, 10:58am
Mine has mince, yoghurt, cheese, capsicum, onion, tomato sauce and breadcrumbs

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