Meatloaf recipe question

bananabear, Jul 2, 4:34am
I want to make the recipe below but my loaf tin is the one that slides apart to adjust size will this affect how it cooks as the water will be able to get in a little? Thanks :)

Hi this is a recipe I have used for years. Preheat oven at 170Cel. Ingredients, 500gms cheap mince, 500gms sausage meat, 1 onion, 1 cup fresh breadcumbs, 1 tablespoon each of Worcestershire sauce & tomatoe sauce, 1 beaten egg, pepper & salt. Mix altogether using hands then put into loaf tin or something similar. Put this into oven baking dish that has been half filled with water. Cook for 1-1. 1/2 hours. Drain liquid out of tin whilst still hot & leave to sit on paper towel. Lovely hot or cold & cheap 2 make. Hope u enjoy this like we do

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cookessentials, Jul 2, 4:38am
yes, it probably will. I wonder if you could line it with tinfoil, then lightly oil the tinfoil, then add your meat mixture?

bananabear, Jul 2, 4:41am
good idea will try it thanks cookessentials :)

imn, Jul 2, 4:44am
im just wondering... and no offence intended but why use cheap mince? its just full of fat. when i make meat loaf (or anything with mince) I always use the good quality stuff.

bananabear, Jul 2, 4:52am
not sure why cheap mince just using the recipe :)

rkcroft, Jul 2, 6:11am
I prefer to shape my meatloaf into a loaf shape and bake in a baking dish. My recipe has a sauce thats poured over it and I prefer it this way.

calista, Jul 2, 6:32am
Apart from putting the mix in a tin (and using cheap mince) it sounds similar to an Alison Holst recipe that was given on National radio recently.

I wondered what temp and for how long I should cook it if I halve the mix.

lisa7, Jul 2, 6:40am
I wouldn't use cheap mince in a meatloaf or put water in the tin, imagine the fat. . I've got a primo recipe if you would like.

cookessentials, Jul 2, 7:41am
I just do mine in a medium loaf tin and bake in the oven. I use premium mice when I do use it, however there are people who have a strict budget and perhaps the cheaper iis what they have to budget for.

mber2, Jul 3, 2:56am
I make mine in a loaf tin or just add a bit more breadcrumbs and shape into log then jus place on oven try and bake just make sure your try has sides as the juice from the mince runs out

kaysu, Jul 3, 3:14am
Always cook mine in a casserole dish, much easier to clean.

griffo4, Jul 3, 3:15am
Cooks where do you get your premium "mice" from, lol

buzzy110, Jul 3, 3:19am
As fat is actually metabolically inert, unless you eat it with lots of carbohydrates, then healthwise, there is not reason for not using the cheap mince.

If however, you would prefer it if your loaf doesn't 'shrink' more than you'd like because of fat melting out of it, then there is a good argument for using the prime mince.

If, instead you are undecided, why not buy ½ cheap mince and ½ prime mince and mix.

Personally, I'd advise against mice, cheap or prime, they have way too many bones and eat stuff that may be bad for you.

margyr, Jul 3, 3:26am
Hahaha, buzzy! I think I will agree with you on that.

wron, Jul 3, 5:29am
Yes please lisa7

jessie981, Jul 3, 5:56am
from the 'meace' shop!

griffo4, Jul 3, 8:07am
lol jessie
buzzy mice seem to eat the best of things especially if they get into the pantry but skinning and gutting could be a bit of a mission and how many do you need to get enough for dinner? , lol

lulu239, Jul 3, 8:45pm
Harking back to bananabear's use of an adjustable tin, husband used one to cook a small roast in while I was at work. He wondered at the smell and the fact that there didn't seem as much dripping in the tin as there was at the start! . It took ages to get all that fat out of the oven.

uli, Jul 4, 12:28am
Well yes - it is called life skills - isn't it? An adjustable tin will never ever be fat or liquid proof - in fact the very first time I saw one - in NZ actually - I wondered how it would ever work - so I never bought one ...

I am sure your husband would have made a lovely roast if there wouldn't have been that tin around to use LOL :)

Better luck next time!

buzzy110, Sep 27, 11:40am
RFLMAO - That is exactly the sort of boo boo my DH would make. Unlike uli, I was in a second hand shop (I haunt them looking for a specific type of art deco vase that I collect) and saw one for 50c so I bought it. It now sits in my cupboard, completely unloved but I used it once to make an American Fudge Brownie. It was really hard to keep it in the same position whilst moving it to and from the oven.

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