Left over roast beef? Can I make meatloaf with it?

trifleeater, Oct 11, 6:32pm
Ihave a feeling that mum used to make meat loaf using left over roast.
Is that right? How?

marree, Oct 11, 7:32pm
Yes you can. I don't have recipe, but it won't take as long to cook (as meat is already cooked).Hopefully others here will have some tips, otherwise just experiment with it - will be very yummy I'm sure!

uli, Oct 11, 7:59pm
Why waste roast beef by mincing it. it is very nice cold in sandwiches or with a mixed green salad and some remoulade sauce for lunch or a light dinner (add a steamed potato if you like).

Or you can slice it and re-heat if very briefly in its own gravy and it will taste just as nice as the day it was roasted. Make sure you just heat it - don't let it boil.

trifleeater, Oct 11, 9:40pm
oh,okay, that's another idea then. I thought reheating it would be a bad thing but I have some gravy left so that's a good plan.

cgvl, Oct 11, 9:42pm
Make meatballs/risoles with it or have cold with salad. Can make cottage pie too. Haven't make meatloaf but I would presume a meatball recipe would work just as well.

pr1ncesswst, May 23, 4:05pm
We use it to make shepards pie, when we are sick of sammies.