NODDYS. meatloaf fell apart omg why.i boiled mince

noddy26, Jun 12, 8:03pm
befurrhand to removeany fatDID DATKILLIT'''. made meatleaf with teweeggs. . carrot, pumkin mushrooms. cabbage. soysauge 500gm mince. breadcrumbs... in oven cooked . . cut it up feelapart... ... . noddy wuss upset ... ... ... ... . . buttasted lovery doe... yummy

wahinetoa62, Jun 12, 8:24pm
ummm perhaps it boiling the mince did kill it as it would have taken fat that would have held it together

auntlb, Jun 12, 8:38pm
The recipe I have you cook the raw meatloaf for 1/2 the time required then pour off any fat - then add the sauce and finish the cooking.

noddy26, Jun 12, 8:39pm
yesb i wondereddat . . asi am i bit ofa health nut i drain mostifnotall da fatout of it

noddy26, Jun 12, 8:42pm
mmm might try datway , , noddy make anotheratchurch today with mefwiends

jessie981, Jun 12, 9:41pm
Think ya got to use sausage meat too Noddy. Here's the recipe I use
Can use smaller quantities.
500gr uncooked mince
450gr sausage meat (use halfif yo want to keep fat content to a minimum)
1c fresh breadcrumbs (can use wholemeal bread)
2 chopped onions
2tsp curry powder
1 large clove crushed arlic
2tsp dry mustard (opt, I use this so onions don't repeat)
1 egg
Combine all in a large bowl. Gradually add 1/2c milk & 1/2c water, beat until smooth. Place in a greased roasting dish (I use a casserole dish)& shape like a loaf.
Bake 180 for 30mins.
Pour off excess fat & add BBQ sauce as follows:
1/2c water
1/4c worcester sauce
1/4c br sugar
knob butter
1/2c tomato sauce
2TBSP vinegar
1tsp instant coffee
2TBSP lemon juice
combine all ingredients in a saucepan, bring slowly to the boul, reduce heat & simmer 5 mins.
Pour over loaf & baste frequently
Contine cooking uncovered for 45 mins

kumerakid, Jun 13, 2:18am
1 tsp coffee? am i reading this correct?

noddy26, Jun 13, 2:37am
datwould perk u up k

jessie981, Jun 13, 3:24am
Yes will add to flavour

madzwhippet, Aug 1, 9:42pm
You can also make an equally nice meat loaf that is Gluten free by getting your butcher to make up gluten free sausage meat to go with the minced beef... ... ... . . from Bin Inn Gluten free breadcrumbs , 2 eggs ... . finely sliced onion, 2 cloves garlic finely chopped , Mustard... . half a cup of Surprise peas and carrots (or mixed veges) filled to top of cup with boiling water and allowed to stand for about 5 minutes, mix well with hand. Then cook in oven in covered casserole ... . fat poured off half way through ... ... ... . . super winter meal with mashed potatoes , and steamed carrots, cauli and broccoli... .