Meatloaf in a slowcooker???

leaf76, Feb 25, 9:17pm
Is there a recipe for cooking meatloaf in a slowcooker? ?

245sam, Feb 25, 9:51pm
yes, leaf76, there sure is "a recipe for cooking meatloaf in a slowcooker" - for a choice of recipes have a look at:- php? f=10&t=202

leaf76, Feb 25, 10:04pm
Thanks very much

245sam, Feb 25, 10:32pm
No problem - you're very welcome leaf76. :-))

nzhel, Sep 8, 8:10am
Good luck leaf76 - you'll find meatloaf in a slow cooker/crockpot turns out delicious! I usually do mine on a bed of sliced vegies like potato, carrot, pumkin, kumara etc. The meat juices go into the vegies and give them a really yummy flavour - I think the family almost enjoy those more than the loaf itself so I do plenty!