Beef stew/cassarole in slowcooker....question

bellasgone, Jul 1, 10:13pm
I make this with veges, beef stock, sometimes tinned tomatoes or tin soup - but it is always quite running how do you make them real thick? tia

spongeypud, Jul 1, 10:27pm
All depends on how much liquid you use, you can thicken them with cornflour and water though.

jaybee2003, Jul 1, 10:37pm
Don't add any liquid, or only add a very little liquid. Brown the meat first then let it cook in it's own juices. This is the difference between crockpot cooking and cooking on a stove top, or in a casserole in an oven. Crockpot heat creates its own moisture rather than the dry heat of an oven, or the heat of an element that requires water to boil/cook foods. This difference in heat is why you technically can't roast in a crockpot - meat won't brown off the same.

You don't need to add as much, [ if any! ] liquid. To keep the maximum moisture in the meat/stew while cooking - Don't let anyone lift the crockpot lid! If adding root vegetables - carrots especially - cut them small and put them in the crockpot first. Add the meat on top of the carrots. Mix them up once cooked.

eternity04, Jul 4, 3:08am
Don't use beef stock liquid, use beef stock powder mixed into the tomatoes. Use as little liquid as possible. I went to a launch of Allison Goftons cook book "Slow" and this is what she said. Also when you put in root vegies, carrot, potatoes etc, brown them in a frying pan first. I did this just a couple of days ago and its the first time since I have started using my slowcooker and the vegies tasted nice. I put a small amount of cooking spray on my pan and added the carrots by themselves, I cooked them for about 3 or 4 minutes then I added some marg and some herb and garlic salt and cooked them for about 5 mins longer. I did the same with my potatoes. The end result was really tastie.

pat56, Jul 4, 4:08am
I always use cup to cup & half of stock and get great results. Thicken with cornflour for nice gravy. Use too little & meat sticks to bottom. You're not meant to lift lid for stirring in crockpots.

harrislucinda, Sep 28, 3:13am
iftoomuchliquidtakesomeoutandthickenwithbistrogravymixto addflavor

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