Steak and kidney stew

janeenandy, Feb 12, 9:25pm
wht do you put in yours??

cgvl, Feb 12, 9:41pm
I just make it like I do a normal stew/casserole.
flour and season the steak, onion, celery, carrots, garlic and ginger, worcester sauce and water or beef stock.
Thicken if needed before serving. If doing in the slow cooker. or on stove top, I usually put a dumpling or doughboys on top. Can add a pastry top if doing in the oven but it is entirely up to you.

janeenandy, Feb 12, 9:43pm
i dont have worcester sauce does that matter?

lx4000, Feb 12, 9:46pm
nope. Have you got soy sauce, thats just as good.

wasgonna, Feb 12, 9:49pm

janeenandy, Feb 12, 9:55pm
yip got soya sauce

beaker59, Feb 12, 10:02pm
Basic thing not mentioned yet but for newbies can be a trap is brown the meat first by frying it in a little oil or dripping in the bottom of the pan or in a frypan. A plain stew with just meat and salt is fine after that the list of things you can add for flavour is endless.

lx4000, Feb 12, 10:21pm
I agree. All stew and mince should be browned first. Then add your veggies and then water.

rainrain1, Feb 12, 10:45pm
Not at all always necessary to brown first , although it does improve the flavour

beaker59, Feb 12, 11:30pm
Well true not strictly neccesary but does improve the flavour %100 but then niether is the Veges or water or salt or even meat strictly neccesary either but they do improve the flavour somewhat.

By the way best Kidney for steak and kidney is Ox Kidney though the others can be used.

lythande1, Feb 13, 12:39am
Meat, kidney (lots), onion, carrot, parsley, worcestershire sauce, a dollop of tomato paste, soya sauce, pepper, salt, red wine.

cgvl, Feb 13, 4:00am
wasgonna, I usually put about¼ -½ tsp of crushed or finely chopped fresh ginger in any dish I use garlic with. If you dont have the fresh or a jar of ginger paste then use some ground ginger. I'm not a huge fan of garlic and find this takes away some of the garlic flavour for me.

rainrain1, Feb 13, 4:06am
Yes you got that right about the Ox kidney

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