Chilli kidney bean recipes - any secrets?

papariccardo, Mar 11, 12:02am
I'm doing a vege chilli, usually it's just onion, chilli, a little sugar, tomatoes, salt, pepper. What do you do that makes it 'special'?


papariccardo, Mar 11, 12:24am
Damn, I can't get used to this vegetarian diet! Buggered if I can excite myself about chilli without ground beef!

vinee, Mar 11, 2:09am

am-trademe, Mar 11, 2:21am
Cumin, cayenne pepper, garlic, jalapenos.

frances1266, Mar 11, 2:23am
Google Bryanna Clark Grogan's veggie chilli recipe. Her site is called Notes from the Vegan Feast Kitchen - am sure she won a chilli competition with her recipe - up against the meat recipes. Her recipes are generally excellent.

elliehen, Mar 11, 2:26am
I suggest a smidgen of ground cloves... .

papariccardo, Mar 11, 8:31pm
Cheers all. I didn't get back here before doing it, added 2 large onions, 2 cans of pasta sauce, paprika & coriander, some golden syrup, a whole garlic, birds eyes (no jalapenos i the fridge) & a good amount of supersweet corn.

Served on nachos with romano cheese & sour cream. Quite good!

Thanks for the help, especially Frances' Bryanna tip. Gotta try the 'shrooms some time too!

duckmoon, Mar 11, 8:53pm
beans - baked beans and add your own chilli is the cheapest way.
Or watties chilli beans.

When I make it, I whizz up a tin in the food processor - helps bind the tomatoes and have a second tin which are still "beans'

fisher, Mar 11, 10:26pm
papariccardo. .
Serve~ over rice ~burritos ~naan bread ~ nachos ~tacos ~ on baked potato ~ mashed potato
I like to make this 2-3 hours before serving to intensify the flavours. .
2 chopped med onions. . 2 tbsp oil. . 2 chopped large cloves garlic. . 2 tsp paprika. . 2 tsp ground cumin. . 2 tsp oregano. .
1 tsp chilli powder. . (I use my homemade)1 400g can tomatoes (chopped up). . 2 cans craigs "hot" chilli beans. . 2 tbsp lemon juice. . 2 tbsp tomato paste.
In a large frypan, lightly brown the onion in the oil. Then add the garlic, paprika, cumin, oregano and chilli powder. .cook out. .
Stir in the tomatoes, cover and simmer for about 15 minutes
Add cans of craigs beans, the lemon juice and tomato paste. Thin with little cream if needed. . Cover and simmer 10-30 minutes to blend the flavours. Taste test and add more chilli if wanted hotter. .
Can add~corn kernels, courgette, precooked carrot, capsicum added to the frying onions. .

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fisher, Mar 11, 10:30pm
Get some largish mushrooms and twist out the stems. . (save to chop up in green salads) add a pinch of onion salt and a drizzle of olive oil and place in the oven on a slide under the grill. . serve on the side of your beans on rice . .

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coyoteblonde, Mar 11, 11:59pm
I brown the mince to seal in the juices, and then cook it in... . Guinness beer! Gives it a rich flavour and makes it unique. I add ground chili, cumin, coriander (fresh not in a packet), onions, red peppers, kidney beans, tomato paste, fresh chopped tomatoes, salt and then fresh chopped coriander at the end.

coyoteblonde, Mar 12, 12:00am
Also, the best accompaniment is fresh baked cornbread!

fisher, Mar 12, 1:37am
coyoteblonde... its a vege dinner so no MINCE... . :}}

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papariccardo, Mar 12, 9:50am
But I still love the idea of Guiness with mince Coyote! I'm not a vege, but my flatmate is, so I'm doing very little meat these days. I will be using that recipe at some stage tho!

Thanks fisher, that's great. I use my own beans so no cans needed. I also like the idea of duckies mashed beans - I will now need to study refried beans, see if that's how they do it.

snapit, Mar 12, 10:50am
I am tempted to try this. Enjoy beans.
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gpmapm, Oct 31, 10:55am
How much guinness do you use?

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