How do i cook kidney?

sandy19, Jun 11, 5:11am
i'm wanting to cook kidney but don't know how because mum always does it haha

firemansgirl, Jun 11, 5:26am
Are you wanting it in like a gravy with bacon etc or on their own?

motorbo, Jun 11, 5:31am
r u gonna eat them? lol

gilligee, Jun 11, 5:40am
Cut in half and fry or chop up small and fry and make gravy. Roll in flour first.

245sam, Jun 11, 6:21am
sandy19, scroll down towards the end of the page on this link:- php? f=12&t=274

You'll find several recipes/ways of cooking kidneys there - properly cooked kidneys are lovely so I hope you enjoy your kidney meal and that it's just (or nearly) as good as how your Mum cooks them. :-))

beaker59, Jun 12, 6:54am
cut your sheeps kidneys in half lenghtwise cut off any big viens etc slice a medium onion and chop up some garlic rosemary thyme and sage(I use fresh but dried is OK), slice up a few mushrooms as well. Fry the kidneys in a little oil brown them but still very pink in the middle then put aside in the same pan throw in everything else and stir fry til cooked when ready tip on haf a cup of port and flambe if you like add some chicken stock and a little chilli if you wish thicken the sauce with cornflour and add kidneys back in salt and pepper.

mselaineous, Jun 12, 9:21am
Start by finely chopping an onion and browning it in pot or pan with scrap of oil or butter. Finely chop kidneys almost as mince and add to onion until browned. Add water to this mixture and cook slowly for 50-60 minutes, then add a slurry of cornflour til it thickens. Add salt & pepper to taste. We serve it on toast with some cooked bacon.

horgi, Jul 31, 3:15am
you don't , you give it to the cat!

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