Jelly bean tree - how do I make one?

jubli, May 21, 8:51am
Anyone have any idea of how I can make/construct a jelly bean tree for my grandaughter? She loves a poem that says "everyone knows that a jelly bean grows on a jelly bean tree"
Many thanks

miss_vampy, May 21, 9:13am
I googled and found this:

If you want to make it edible, maybe you could use some icing to stick the jelly beans to the tree?

beaker59, May 22, 12:51am
Plant a jelly bean in the garden :)

indigojo, May 22, 12:57am
I do that on Christmas eve, and get the kids to water them, do you know they grow into candy canes overnight?

indigojo, May 22, 12:58am
... get a cone (either cardboard or cake), cover in icing and stick the jelly beans on...

daleaway, May 22, 1:15am
When I was young my sister made me a birthday present of a money tree. Each coin was wrapped in cellophane and tied to a tree branch (that resembled a tree) stuck into a decorated flower pot.
If you wrap each jellybean, or a "flower" made of three or four jellybeans) in clear or coloured cellophane and tie it to the branch with fine gold cord it would look very pretty.
Your daughter is going to love it no matter what it looks like, however!

miss_vampy, May 22, 1:20am
That is such a neat idea!

jubli, May 22, 5:58am
I love your ideas I will give them both a go and see how they turn out.
Also planting jelly beans and growing candy canes overnight is a great idea - must remember this for Christmas

bcnd, May 22, 6:42pm
I would use a polystyrene ball & tooth picks.

gjsimps, May 22, 8:48pm
Polystyrene ball inserted with a stick and playdough inside a small planter pot.
Pin through ends of wrapped chocolates or lollies overlapping each lolly. It really looks good when completed. And of course it can be used every year for a decoration.

evorotorua, May 23, 2:19am
LOVE the jelly bean/candy cane idea! ! ! Pity my kids are 16 and 20 now. I used to tell them santa had birds flying all year around and watched for good behaviour. Any time we looked out the window, there was always a bird watching! ! ! . Worked a treat until during one three year old's tantrum I said "Santa's birds are watching" and she ran to the windows and pulled the curtains! ! !

duckmoon, May 23, 9:42pm
cool idea!

duckmoon, May 23, 9:45pm
My friend makes lollipop trees (carboard in a pot - with the lollipop sticks pushed through the cardboard)...
1. if you didn't want to eat the jellybeans, decorate a polysyriene ball and cold glue gun the jelly beans on...
2. if you did want to eat them, then either wrap in cellophane, and pin on to the ball or

rainrain1, Jun 1, 12:18pm
Turn a clean clay pot upsidedown, cover with firm icing, then glue jelly beans and/or jubes over in rows. Your glue icing would need to be firm not runny.