Best way to get beans back into a bean bag

kob, Nov 13, 3:01am
help i brought a 2nd hand bean bag(pretty much new) got all the beans out with out much of a mess but whats the best way to get them back in, they are in two big rubbish bags at the moment, someone must have the best idea

timetable, Nov 13, 3:05am
in the bath...don't know why but it helps with the static electricity... good luck you may need it lol...

maynard9, Nov 13, 3:22am
Tie up the top firmly, then snip a triangle out of one of the bottom corners.Get someone to hold the bean bag openingwhile you guide the opening of the rubbish bag.

elliehen, Nov 13, 4:44am
Hope you didn't buy a hasbeanbag ;)

lilyfield, Nov 13, 5:46am
a large funnel- or make one out of cardboard

lynja, Nov 13, 8:37am
definately a two person job. one holding the bag open, the other pouring. prepare for a mess but they are reasonably easily swept up and added or vacumed up.

kob, Nov 13, 7:19pm
well my theory is to stand it in the shower box, I brought a umbrella for the bbq table so i have a tube box, if I cut the ends and fan it and selotape a bag around the fan part it should create a funnel, so ill see how i go, if i divide the two rubbish bags full of polystyrine to make 4 it should be easier to pour it in, hopefully hubby helps me, got a bargain for $10 its the smae colour as my lounge suite thats the only reason i grabbed it and as my family is expanding one of us always has to sit on the floor, so no longer, if i can ill post photos

kob, Nov 13, 10:33pm
only ended up with about an icecream full of flyaways so was extremely inpressed.

sue1955, Nov 13, 10:57pm
Yay for you kob. I have been following your adventure & I'm pleased to see that you found an answer to your problem. Happy sitting.

kob, Aug 1, 8:12pm
hehe was funny sue it really was but I am one determined woman