Left Over Roast Pork.

kabbo, Jun 7, 12:13am
had roast pork on saturday night - have heaps left over.
looking for something yummy to make with it.
i reckon it never tastes quite as nice after the original roast.

margyr, Jun 7, 12:17am
mince it an make rissoles, cube it and make sweet and sour, slice it and reheat it in gravy. have it cold with salad and chips.

kabbo, Jul 15, 2:18pm
thanks guys - i had a look at that other thread too. some nice ideas.
i decided during the day that I would make a sweet and sour pork dish that ive made before that has the rice mixed in (a dutch recipe someone gave me), now i find i havent got any pineapple - sigh.

so anyway - hubby just wants reheated roast and tatties kumera with the gravy, but i am going to have vietamese noodles with the pork in it with some veges in too. yum.

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