Left over roast beef-what to do with it??

akarl, Aug 18, 1:59am
I have half a Beef topside roast left over from last nights dinner. I did it in the crock pot and over cooked it a bit so it is a little dry and stringy. But wanting not to waste food I want to use it tonight.

Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do with it? ?

Was thinking a curry type thing, but not sure how to do it-am a cooking novice really. It has to be 18mth old friendly but he has a great palate and eats almost anything.

sjordan, Aug 18, 2:32am
I would put it in the food processor with an onion and left over gray or tomato sauce and mince it all up. Put in a casserole dish and put mashed potato on the top and bung in the oven for about 30 mins

cookessentials, Aug 18, 2:39am
I slice it thinly and layer in a casserole dish with alternate layers of thinly sliced potato and kumara, mixed herbs, making sure the top layer is either potato or kumara. i pour over a can of chopped tomatoes and make a gravy ( reasonably thick) and pour over. I bake in the oven at 170C until the potatoes and kumara are cooked through.

wachael1, Aug 18, 4:12am
I use this recipe for leftover roast (just put it in the food processor, along with any leftover roast veges and use in place of the mince in the recipe). It is YUM!


dorothy_vdh, Aug 18, 4:14am
I agree, put into processor and wizz it up, then make a cottage pie

tigerlilly16, Aug 18, 5:06am
My mum used to make a 'curry' out of left over roast beef, which certainly wasn't like an authentic indian curry, but we used to love it as kids;
She would finely dice the roast beef and add fnely diced carrot, onion and apple. If you wanted to make it go further you could add diced potatoe or kumera.
Then she simmered this in, i'm assuming, water and beef oxo cube, with curry powder added, she made it quite mild - probably a teaspoon or two, but you can adjust this to suit you. The other thing she added was a handful of sultanas. Simmer till everything is tender, check if it needs salt, and serve on rice. The sweetness of the apple and sultanas mellowed out the spiciness, so I think it's a good introductory curry for a child :)

cottagerose, Aug 18, 6:40am
Pita breads
Heat slices of meat and gravy and mint sauce and lettuce with tiny bits of tomato
I bought this once years ago and it was lovely

nauru, Aug 18, 6:59am
I remember my MIL used to make a curry (minus oxo) like that too. My hubby still enjoys apple & sultanas in curry.

mamabecs, Aug 18, 7:27am
If it's thinly sliced, you could crumb it and fry it.

tigerlilly16, Aug 18, 7:39am
Yes I think this must have been from an old edmonds cookbook or similar - the oxo cube was just an assumption I made as I can't see this being very flavourful with just plain water, but it possibly was just water, salt and pepper (and curry powder).

nik12, Aug 18, 10:50am
Although I don't want to every admit to using packet things lol - I always put it in a packet rice risoto - brilliant quick meal with veges of any description chucked in at the same time as the water. If you know how to make it from scratch that would be even better I'm sure ;-)

survivorr, Aug 18, 6:49pm
Do you think it would make much difference to the dish if I didn't add the wine? I don't drink wine so never have it in the house.

I often see wine added to a dish and have always wondered if there's much difference if you don't add it.

wachael1, Feb 6, 1:50am
Probably not - just makes it a bit richer. Just leave it out or add a bit more stock.