Left over roast chicken - how to make a pie

donna139, May 30, 11:12pm
I have some left over chicken from last nights roast and thought I would make a chicken pie, however what could I use to thicken it. I thought I would put vegies in it too? I am going to make home made pastry as well. Any advice would be much appreciated :)

meescha, May 30, 11:15pm
I have made a lovely chicken pie thickening it with pkt. mushroom soup, mashed potato on top then grated cheese

meescha, May 30, 11:21pm
You could also use a can of mushroom soup, instead, I have tried both.

cgvl, May 30, 11:24pm
mine is really basic, finely chopped onion, mixed vegies and left over shredded chicken. I put it all into a pie crust (but have left the pastry off at times) then I season using 1 chicken stock cube or a pkt of chicken soup mix, salt and pepper. In a cup I put 1Tbsp of cornflour a dash of curry powder (if desired) and mix to a smooth paste with ½cup of water. Pour over chicken mix. put either a pastry lid on or mashed potatoes or sometimes I do like a doughboy topping. Into oven until cooked.
You could cook the vegies, chicken and add stock and thicken first if you want to speed up cooking time.

donna139, May 30, 11:34pm
Thanks guys. I don't have any packet soups or stock in my pantry at the moment. I was wondering what it would be like if I made a cheese sauce or just white sauce with a little bit of cheese in it and mixed it all up with vegetables and chicken and then baked that concoction in the pastry?

margyr, May 30, 11:41pm
yep, i was going to suggest a white or cheese sauce, will be yummy.

thejewellerybox, May 30, 11:43pm
A white orcheese saucewould be fine. Just make sure it is a thick one, rather than thin.
I usually use chicken soupmix to make my sauce, or make a gravyconcoction up.
Homemade chicken pies are so much more yummy thanbought ones!

indy95, May 30, 11:44pm
These are Sophie Gray's recipes for chicken pie fillings from a recent Foodtown magazine:

1-2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 celery stalk thinly sliced
2 carrots peeled and sliced
1 sprig rosemary
1 bay leaf
750ml chicken stock
1 leek thinly sliced
1 rasher of bacon sliced
1 1/2 T plain flour
Salt and pepper
1 T sour cream

Poach the chicken with the celery, carrots, herbs and stock for about 35 mins or until the chicken is cooked. Strain the stock into a bowl.

Heat the oil, add the leek and bacon and cook until they are soft. Stir in the flour and cook for a minute or two then gradually whisk in the stock. Add the sliced chicken to the pan with the celery and carrots.

Season well with salt and pepper and stir in the sour cream.

1 T butter or oil
50 g chopped bacon
50 g sliced mushrooms
100 g or more cooked shredded chicken
1-2 carrots cooked and sliced
1 kumara, cooked and diced
500 ml chicken stock
1 T cornflour
1/2 T water

Heat the oil and cook the bacon and mushrooms until they are soft. Add the chicken, vegetables and stock and bring to the boil. Mix the cornflour and water to a paste and use to thicken the mixture.

Season to taste.

245sam, May 30, 11:49pm
donna139, when I have leftover chicken I usually make Chicken and Vegetable Crumble - the recipe can be found at:-

http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=11&t=242

The base part is basically cooked chicken, thawed frozen mixed vegetables and 1 undiluted can of condensed soup - it can of course be varied according to what's available and personal tastes. The topping is a simple breadcrumb-based topping. :-))

seniorbones, May 30, 11:55pm
If you dont have pastry make it like a shephards pie with mashed potatoe on top, plus if you have veges in it then its a one dish meal! mmm was wondering what to have for dinner might try this myself.

donna139, May 31, 12:03am
You guys are awesome, thank you :)

splitty, May 31, 1:44am
I just make a white sauce with half milk, half chicken stock. then add veges and the cooked chicken

a_n_h, May 31, 3:16am
for my left over chicken pies i pour in some milk, butter and flour make a white sauce type thingy, chuck in frozen mixed veges, the chicken and a teaspoon or 2 of curry powder and it seems to thicken up really well.
i make it in my electric wok, line my piedish with pastry and pour the chicken mix in and then put pastry over top. i also make mini pies in muffin tins to.

maandpa2b, Jun 23, 12:42pm
A splash of white wine is always good.

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