Roast potatoes with Roast chicken

crashandbang, May 30, 4:08am
Am cooking a roast chicken for my sons and wife who are out for the day, can I cook them together in same roasting dish. Just put the chicken on, when should I throw in the spuds? Thanks

motorbo, May 30, 4:14am
i would put them in now

michellew2k, May 30, 4:16am
I usually put the potatos in half way through cooking the chicken, they should take about 40 minutes to cook, make sure you roll them around in the hot oil once you put them in

I boil my potatos first and dust with flour first

crashandbang, May 30, 4:20am
oh boil 1st, sounds like extra work. I thought i could just through it all in together. Do they taste better boiled 1st though. Might earn me brownie points!

jessie981, May 30, 4:22am
as motorbo says. If you have any chicken salt or coating toss the potatoes in the seasoning then into the roasting dish.

crashandbang, May 30, 4:23am
I better get peeling I suppose

sophia4, May 30, 4:24am
if it's a big chicken then potatoes shouldn't go in at the beginning or they will be incinerated... I find the chicken packet gives a good indication of how long it should take and then you know when to put the potatoes in. regular sized potatoes cut into quarters take 40-60 mins as someone has mentioned.
and yes in the same dish - potatoes cook in the chicken fat so yummier

crashandbang, Jun 19, 11:53am
oh chicken been on for 45 mins and have jsut chucked spuds in. Left em whole. Fairly small. Packet said chicken takes 110mins

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