Best meat for stew

Planning on making a stew on the stovecook and slowcooking. Want to know what the best cut of meat to use would be.

Chef_carol113, Feb 13, 9:17 am

Chuck steak well that is what i use and it always works :)

Chef_sharka1, Feb 13, 9:34 am

gravy beef, stewing steak, chuck steak or rump steak. I often use rump steak but with slow cooking any of the others are fine.

Chef_cgvl, Feb 13, 9:53 am

Lamb neck chops, oxtail, steak and kidney (sold under that name).

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 13, 10:24 am

I love using rump steak in casseroles it tastes so much better. I made chelsea winters steak cheese and Guinness pie this week using stewing steak and it wasn't really that nice but made with rump it is delicious.

Chef_rchelley, Feb 13, 10:31 am

I always use cross-cut blade if it's available - sometimes the supermarkets don't have it, Mad Butcher stores usually do. If I can't get cross-cut I get blade anyway. Lends itself beautifully to slow cooking becoming meltingly tender and very tasty. I don't have a slow cooker - in fact I sold the one I had - prefer slow cooking on stovetop and oven.

For casseroles I also use both lamb and pork shoulder chops, beef shin with bone in and today I am using chicken drumsticks with lots of lovely fresh vegetables.

Chef_esther-anne, Feb 13, 10:32 am

i love shin fillet, slow long cooking in the crockpot. yummo

Chef_rivercottage1, Feb 13, 1:29 pm

Thanks all for great advise

Chef_carol113, Feb 13, 1:38 pm

Anything tough and full of working muscles will be tasty and gelatinous when cooked long and slowly with aromatic vegetables.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Feb 13, 3:09 pm

Exactly and if you use meat on the bone then the resulting stew is richer and will 'gel' when it cools.

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 13, 3:14 pm

Ox tail

Chef_540trickzter, Feb 13, 4:29 pm

shine or ox tail yummy and dry engish mustard about 2 teaspoons in your stew while cooking along with onions and carrots any veg that you have that needs using add spuds as a last thing because they change in taste if cooked for a long time

Chef_whitehead., Feb 13, 5:06 pm

shin not shine

Chef_whitehead., Feb 13, 5:06 pm

shin fillets every time

Chef_meg94, Feb 13, 5:29 pm

Cross cut blade steak every time. Always tender and tasty.

Chef_pugswal, Feb 13, 7:10 pm

Worked in a butchers years ago and this was always their recommendation.

Chef_alston, Feb 13, 7:16 pm

This. Can be slightly more expensive however it is totally worth it. Delicious.

Chef_awoftam, Feb 13, 9:33 pm

some times the aussie rump is heaps cheaper then any stewing steak in pak n slave

Chef_pussy01, Feb 13, 9:51 pm

I don't know what I do but rump has always turned out dry and horrible for me. I always buy gravy beef now

Chef_wendalls, Feb 13, 9:57 pm

Glad so many agree with me about cross-cut blade. Try it wendalls, slow cooked is the key to it. I agree with you about rump - I have used it occasionally when on a good special but it just doesn't seem to produce the same melt-in-the-mouth tenderness and rich gravy.

Chef_esther-anne, Feb 13, 10:15 pm

Beef cheeks are aweful, don't do those ever.

(we don't want demand for them pushing the price up)

Chef_beaker59, Feb 14, 12:02 am

+100. They were dearer than shin beef last winter and harder to get.

Chef_kay141, Feb 14, 8:37 am

Totally agree. They are revolting. Don't anybody buy them. I'll do my duty and dispose of them all.

Chef_mjhdeal, Feb 14, 8:39 am

I have exactly the same problem when I've tried slow cooking rump. I usually buy gravy bones and whatever other stewing steak is on special, usually blade or topside. Ox cheek is delicious, but my local butcher never has it when I go!

Chef_hd07, Feb 14, 9:49 am

I'm so pleased you and beaker9 live in a different area to me. That means I will be able to do my share of the disposal.

Chef_kay141, Feb 14, 11:42 am

I agree also re cross-cut blade steak - the best for casseroles and stews IMO, and if it's not available I use blade steak. :-))

Chef_245sam, Feb 14, 2:27 pm

This is an older thread but I was searching for info re stewing steak on this chilly pseudo Spring morning and have decided to drag a packet of shin out that has been languishing in the depths of my freezer. Instead of doing something new though I've decided to revisit a favourite of ours and thought I'd share in case anyone else is looking for a new twist on slow cooking inexpensive cuts. Luckily I found the recipe online so saves me typing it all out from her book.

I've made this a few times but haven't really bothered to follow through on the salad Nigella suggests to have with it - might give it a try today for a bit of a change.

Chef_sampa, Jul 12, 12:10 pm

Cross cut blade, if you can get it. If not, blade steak is wonderful for casseroles, curries etc.

Chef_westward1, Jul 12, 12:24 pm

Skirt Steak, is great for stews. I have used it for years, as did my Mother. Can be hard to get. Butchers, chuck it, into sausage's and mince, what a waste!

Chef_willman, Jul 12, 6:07 pm

bump for gabbysnana

Chef_uli, Jul 13, 10:58 am

My mum always told me use cross cut blade. So that's what I use.

Chef_mairangi, Jul 13, 11:08 am

Well i just dropped the cheeks and the neck meat with vertebrae (what was left on the head) into the crock pot, 2 teaspoons of garlic and ginger paste, some soy sauce, a glass of red wine and left to cook on high for 2 hrs then low for a day.
Has taken us 3 meals(stew first, then goulash, then open top pie) to get rid of it. 9 plates.
Off to pick up the rest of the beast now.

Chef_smallwoods, Jul 13, 2:58 pm

Braizing steak or stewing steak I use all given to me of a beast

Chef_sticky232, Jul 16, 7:11 pm

Cross cut blade. Theeeeeeee best. IMO. I would like to use cheeks however very rare to find these in a butcher - I have never seen them, in fact.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 16, 7:54 pm

Definitely Blade. Especially for a drip stew.

Chef_propagator, Jul 17, 2:34 pm

Rump is always dryer because it is not a "stewing" steak as such. I prefer cross cut blade because it is tender and tasty. Love it.

Chef_janbodean, Mar 8, 1:56 pm

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