Pavlova with no baking paper

crumpy06, Apr 8, 1:37am
I want to make a pavlova, but i've run out of baking paper and I have no greaseproof paper either. Can I just cook it on the oven tray?

duckmoon, Apr 8, 1:47am

Or you could try tin foil

daleaway, Apr 8, 1:49am
Cover the tray with tin foil and run cold water over it - shake off the excess.

crumpy06, Apr 8, 2:03am
I don't even have any tin foil unfortunately. I'm not making a 26km round trip just to buy some either. . lol. . hence the reason I asked in here if I could cook it on the oven tray.

cookessentials, Apr 8, 3:06am
I make mine in a greased springform tin.

juliewn, Apr 8, 3:11am
If you have a microwave, use the glass platter from that - it'll be ovenproof, gives a nice shape for a pavlova plate - and you can serve from the same plate the Pavlova is cooked on.

Lightly grease the platter, spread out your mix to about 3 to 5 cm from the sides of the platter, as the mix usually spreads a little, and make as usual. Works well. .

jag5, Apr 8, 5:13am
I have a recipe that you just pile onto a plate and cook. Easy as.

jubellsrose, Apr 8, 5:37am
Hi juliewn, please can you give recipe and cooking time in microwave. hot/med/slow?

greerg, Apr 8, 7:15am
My pavlova cooks at 100 degrees C so an ordinary plate is fine. I have a couple of largish white plates that I make them on - saves transferring them from dish to plate.

elliehen, Apr 8, 10:49am
Before the advent of baking paper, cooks used to use brown paper.

juliewn, Apr 8, 12:33pm
Hi Jubellsrose. . :-)

I'm sorry. . I needed to include to use the microwave plate as a platter for cooking the pavlova in an oven, not a microwave. .

I have tried one cooked in a microwave some years ago, however it was quite rubbery. . would be interesting to see if others have made them successfully in a microwave. .

jubellsrose, Apr 8, 11:48pm
thks juliewn, I never thought to do that. Think I would be too scared that the microwave plate may crack/break.

harrislucinda, Apr 9, 1:54am
mymicrowaveplatehasonitusein micro wave onlysodonttake the risk

bookwerm, Apr 9, 2:00am
I never use baking paper for my pavs. Just grease the tray and splash with a little cold water.

veejay13, Apr 9, 4:55am
When we first got a microwave we went to "classes" to learn how best to use it. There we were told that microwave pav is always marshmellowy, and will never have a "shell". It's quite okay, as long as you're expecting it to turn out as it does, and not expecting a good old real Kiwi pav.

jubli, Apr 9, 5:00am
Do you have any greaseproof paper? If so wet the paper, screw it up to wring it out and cook the pavlova on that - I have been making pavs for years before baking paper or tinfoil was invented!

An alternative is to grease your oven tray and sprinkle it with a little bit of cornflour and then cook the pavlova on that. You will need to loosen the pav with a spatula or large flat knife before turning it out after it is cooked. Also make sure that the pav has completely cooled before you turn it out
Hope this helps

juliewn, Apr 9, 10:55am
My microwave tray is pyrex - and I've bought two more at an opp shop that are the same - and 50c each. . I often use them for making things in the oven that I can serve straight from the tray's. . works well. . :-)

buzzy110, Apr 9, 11:38pm
What about the olden day standby of butter paper. Why did not one suggest that? My mother used to save all hers up especially for baking. I did the same for years and years and still have one or two nicely saved butter papers in my deep freeze.

Suggest, you do the same as a standby, as you obviously live many miles away from a shop.

elliehen, Apr 10, 1:08am
Short answer - grease. While butter papers are good for lining cake tins and greasing trays, pavlova and grease do not like each other - pavlova likes a dry bottom ;)

guest, Jan 11, 7:38am
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