Can you make rice paper rolls the night before?

bubbles165, Feb 15, 3:14am
Or do you need to make them at time of eating? Would really like to try them for lunch but would be alot easier if I could make them the night before or even in the morning to eat that lunchtime but not sure if they dry out?

davidt4, Feb 15, 3:52am
You can't really make them much in advance as they will turn soggy and chewy as they absorb moisture from the filling. The herbs in the filling will deteriorate as well.

nanasee1, Feb 15, 5:27am
We have made them the night before then stored with damp cloth over them then plastic wrap. Make sure they do not touch or they will stick together. I agree they are better made just before serving; however we have found them perfectly acceptable made the evening before when time is precious.

mrsrickp, Feb 15, 6:00am
Yes I do mine the night before. I just put a very very wet paper towel on the top of them. I like them chewy though!

bubbles165, Feb 24, 2:20am
Thanks for the advice guys - will try making them at the time and see how I go. Just hard in a small staffroom with loads of people!

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