Southland Cheese Rolls query

survivorr, Jul 15, 2:33am
I'm just making some of these now - never made them before - didn't realise the mixture would be so runny. Am I doing something wrong or does the mixture thicken as it cools?

weezil, Jul 15, 2:37am
has the mixture been left to cool enough before you make them? . . and what recipe did you use? ...

survivorr, Jul 15, 2:43am
Tin of evaporated milk / Cheese (probably 3 cups) grated / 1 tsp Curry / 1/2 tsp of Paprika / Onion soup. (It's still cooling)

survivorr, Jul 15, 2:44am
And seems to be thickening up (she says hopefully! )

weezil, Jul 15, 4:18am
I used this recipe and it is yummy. .

1 tin reduced cream
1 packet onion dip
300g cheese grated
1 tsp mustard powder
a little minced onion
white thin sliced bread
soft butter
whack all ingredients together and spread over 2/3 of each slice of bread and roll up... now it says to butter one side of bread and turn it over, fill it then roll it up but its as messy as hell and next time I will butter the rolls before they cook... . bake 180C for 12-15 mins... or grill them. .

alt-essentials, Jul 15, 4:23am
thats not cheese rolls, thats rolled cheesy dip sandwiches! real cheese rolls dont use reduced cream cos thats for dip!

harrislucinda, Jul 15, 4:25am
willthickenascoollingnextdaywillbeeventhickersousein sandwich

moetus, Jul 15, 7:02am
Hi, The little hut was inmain st opposite arthur barnetts downstairsi think alsodown from the octagan was another coffee bar they also made them this is in the early to mid sixties so i always thought they were adunedinicon. maureen

rosemaryp, Jul 15, 7:07am
The "ultimate" southern cheese roll recipe

500 grams grated cheese – Mild, Edam, Colby or Tasty, your choice. I used Colby.
1 tin Nestle carnation evaporated milk 375ml
1 pkt Maggi onion soup mix
1 finely chopped onion
1 teaspoon mustard powder
1/4 cup cream
Heat in microwave for six minutes - stirring in between time, (3 times) cool - spread lengthways on to long cut (sandwich) white bread. Roll into cheese rolls (3 folds).
I bought two loaves from the bakery and made 33 rolls, my daughter used supermarket bread and had to buy 3 loaves.
Grill for 10 minutes to toast then cover in butter and enjoy.

elliehen, Oct 29, 5:10pm
I had never made them before, but used this recipe (minus the cream) and heated the mix on the stovetop. It did need to cool a bit before thickening, but not long.

I don't think I'd bother with them again unless I had to feed a junior football team post-match :)They are very rich and salty.

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