Freezing Cheese Rolls

feraljess, Nov 17, 11:25pm
My daughters birthday party is on Sat morning and I'm trying to prepare food ahead while I have time - I want to make Cheese Rolls today and freeze until Sat - do you freeze before or after grilling them? and is it silly to freeze just for one day? would they last in the fridge instead or go soggy?, Nov 17, 11:26pm
Freeze them before grilling.

However if it's only for a day, just cover in gladwrap and put in fridge.The filling shouldn't be all that liquid if you're doing this though.

feraljess, Nov 17, 11:31pm
Cool, thankyou!

asue, Nov 18, 1:27am
Ok stored well wrapped in fridge for a day or two.Otherwise just freeze.Why not make extra and freeze anyway as they always come in handy - they last up to 6 months in freezer. Could be useful on the weekend for your party with extra hungry kids or additional adults about.

debudder, Nov 18, 7:00am
You can also just freeze the mixture, I tend to make a large amount and freeze in small containers, I also freeze some that I roll just encase I am in a hurry

happymum1, Nov 19, 1:14am
these sound interesting what exactly are they, Nov 19, 3:01am
Classic Southland Cheese Rolls, apparently the same as the peerless H&J Smiths ones:

Cheese Rolls
Always buy the very thin cut bread sometimes you can get Caterers loaves. At the shop we used to just use lots grated cheese fine chopped onion and mixed to right consistency with boiling water then spread on bread and roll . no need for butter as you spread a bit on after they have been grilled . Great for lunch .

The more modern version, adulterated with stuff us purists wouldn't use, but still extremely popular:
1 tin of reduced cream, 2 cups med cheese and 1 pkt of dry onion soup. Heat the reduced cream and add the cheese and soup mix and heat until the cheese is melted. Cool so it thickens and then spread on to thin white bread, Roll up and lightly brush the tops with melted butter. Bake until golden.

The real thing is made with a special little conveyer grill thing.

petal1955, Aug 17, 5:45pm
Cheese Rolls
Southland Version

375ml can evaporated milk
Pkt onion soup mix
Finely chopped onion

1-1/2cups grated cheese
Loaf sandwhich bread

Mix the first 3 ingredients in pot cook slowly over a low heat, just until cheese has melted, stir constantly, let cool( this makes it easier to spread ),spread on bread and roll, brush with melted butter and freeze, then all you need to do is take out how many you want and grill.

I make it go a little further by adding more cheese, then you get more rolls.