Bread rolls but no milk powder

griffo4, Sep 25, 6:57am
Help l want to make bread rolls in my bread maker for dinner tomorrow night but l have no milk powder
Can l make them without the milk powder?

korbo, Sep 25, 7:57am
yes just use normal milk from the fridge. i often use milk instead of powdered milk. dont notice any diff

griffo4, Sep 25, 8:11am
Thanks for that korbo
l was thinking along the same lines as well but was not so sure

gnome25, Sep 25, 11:10am
me too, I just substitue 1 t milk powder for 1 t milk and my bread always comes out fine

gardie, Sep 25, 6:50pm
If using fresh milk though - don't use the delayed start function.I'd just pop in milk and reduce the water.

lizab, Sep 26, 12:11am
you don't need milk powder or milk. If I don't have milk powder, I leave it out and you wouldn't even notice the difference.

griffo4, Sep 26, 12:56am
l have just taken them out of the oven and just tasted one and they aregreat
l used milk in them so rapt about that as l don't usually have milk powder in cupboard
Thanks everyone

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