Skim milk powder (pams) once opened how long....

marley, Aug 9, 7:21pm
How long will it last once I have opened the packet. Im putting it in a airtight container and in the fridge but how long after that will it last? ? ? ? Anyone know? ? ?

annemaree44, Aug 9, 7:24pm
i think it says, (or used to) about a month, but in reality its a lot longer than that. I use it all the time instead of fresh milk. Way cheaper

indigojo, Aug 9, 7:34pm
you don't need to keep milk powder in the fridge. And best before dates are printed on the packaging...

joybells2, Aug 9, 7:54pm
Once opened keep in the fridge, as you have done is fine, I use mine for breadmaking and it keeps in the fridge for months.

marley, Aug 9, 7:56pm
Yes joybells2 - thats why I want to know because I went to buy some this morning for breadmaking and I just want to know how long it will last once I open it... . I will make bread regularly but not like everyday etc... . Thats really helpful thank you... .

cloudberry, Aug 10, 2:10am
I put it in a jar and keep it in the freezer, just to be on the safe side. You can use it straight from the freezer, it makes no difference.

macandrosie, Jan 14, 1:11am
I have never heard of keeping it in the fridge or freezer! What is the point, so long as it's in an airtight container. Because I mainly use it in bread making I just keep using what I have, never check the use by date, it's not like you'd get sick on it.