Half bag of milk powder to use up idea's ?

supercook, Feb 26, 7:17am
I have made homemage hot chocolate mix. Any ideas for baking to use up 1/2 packet of milk powder

morticia, Feb 26, 7:20am
Yes, if you have a yoghurt maker, use one cup of milk powder, almost a litre of very cold water and a pottle of natural yoghurt and start your own yog plant. It tastes even better than the easiyo stuff for only $1 a litre.

Recipe courtesy of some lovely person in Recipes :-)

alebix, Feb 26, 7:20am
White xmas?

Maybe freeze it for a later date

cgvl, Feb 26, 7:44am
I keep mine in a sealable container and use as and when needed.
There should be a best before date on it.
Mainly use mine for bread making but occasionally when running low on milk will use it in milk puddings (ie rice) or when making cheese sauce.

supercook, Feb 26, 7:48am
Will keep it for rice pudding have it stored in the frig in sealed bag?

beaker59, Feb 26, 8:44am
What I use milk powder for, Zip loc bag + 3/4 cup oatmeal + 2tsp sugar + 2 Tblspn milk poder + pinch of salt. Take tramping or hunting one for each day plus a couple of extra's in case of emergency (saved my bacon once) each morning I heat a big mug of water on my cooker to boiling then add the sachet stir while simmering for 2 min and allow to stand for 5 or 10min then eat this will keep you going all day. Note I do my cooking in a big stainless steel mug from the warehouse best piece of tramping gear they have there.

elliehen, Feb 26, 9:06am
You can use milk powder straight into hot drinks as long as you drop it from the spoon into the tea/coffee/milo and then stir briskly INSTANTLY.

Do not dunk the spoon in with the powder on it or it will form gluggy lumps.

A heaped teaspoon of powder per cup used in this way makes a pretty good drink and tastes not too different from fresh milk ;)

wilson16, Feb 26, 7:49pm
I think mine said on the packet (anchor) once it is open it only keeps for 2-3 weeks, sealed in the fridge on course. So a month tops.

I bought some to make yogurt and didn't know it had such a short shelf life, will be getting out the recipe books too.

cloudberry, Feb 26, 11:00pm
I keep milk powder in the freezer in a screwtop jar and use it when I need it. You can drop a spoonful into hot drinks straight from the freezer, and it doesn't go lumpy as long as you stir briskly, as Ellihen says. It keeps for months in the freezer. It also makes a delicious rice pud in the slow cooker, one cup milk powder to 4 cups water.

wilson16, Sep 11, 11:45pm
Thanks cloudberry, hadn't thought of that. Don't need to panic now.

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