malted milk powder

geldof, Apr 22, 10:52am
hi does anyone know where i can buy malt powder? we used to add it to milkshakes in the old days

barloo, Apr 22, 7:53pm
have you tried adding a bit of straight malt?

crystalmoon, Apr 23, 1:02am
maybe the supermarket, I'm sure I've seen maltixo ? or sumthing like that there, or is that a liquid.

brianmac, Apr 23, 1:16am
Someone asked this same question about a week ago and nobody had any luck. I did phone Fonterra, but was put through to so many different people, Igave up! Maltexo is not quite the same - it is not a powder. If you Google it, there is something similar through Nestle' but not in NZ

toy_turbo, Apr 23, 3:08am
Horlicks is a malt drink powder, you can get it from most supermarkets :-)

buzzy110, Apr 23, 3:27am
Just go to your organic health food shop and buy a packet of malt powder. In Auckland shops like Huckleberry Farms and Whole Wheat Harvest have it.

geldof, Feb 24, 6:19pm
Thanks everyone. was looking for powder not the lovely sticky stuff we had as kids to keep us healthy. horlicks is an option tho has lots of sugar and other goodies. had looked on the fonterra website and got a little confused. have tried bin inn. will definitely try health food shops. don't actually HAVE to have it, just got it into my head that i would like to have it again.

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