What is meringue powder??

roglie, Dec 9, 4:27am
I need to make a royal icing and everything I'm googling states to use meringue powder ... where do you get this or what do you substitute?Thanks :)

kay141, Dec 9, 4:44am
I suspect it is dried egg white and sugar. Royal icing has egg whites in it.

kay141, Dec 9, 4:50am
I found this recipe when I googled. It is a Nigella Lawson one.
2 large egg whites,
3 cups Icing sugar
1teasp Lemon juice
Whip egg whites and sugar together on medium speed until opaque and shiny, about 5 mins. Whisk in lemon juice and beat for another couple of minutes. Hope it works.

roglie, Dec 9, 5:04am
Thanks Kay141 for your help :)

sarahj1, Dec 9, 6:11am
US recipes usually state meringue powder for royal icing because of salmonella scares they have there - freaks everyone out about eating uncooked egg white.
I just beat one or two egg whites (depending on how much icing I need) until frothy, then beat in icing suar until you reach the desired consistency - thin with a little lemon juice.
Great for gingerbread houses, Xmas cookies etc. Making a lot this time of year!

cookessentials, Dec 9, 6:13am
Meringue powder I think is also known as albumen. You can buy it through Moore Wilson who can get it in for you.normal egg whites will suffice.

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