Pam's Baking Powder Gluten Free?

shannon251, Nov 18, 9:07pm
HI, does anyone know if Pam's baking powder is gluten free?
A friend has made cupcakes with GF flour but used Pam's BP.

motorbo, Nov 18, 9:09pm
check the packet, or online i know one brand is and one isnt and im pretty sure pams is ok

accroul, Nov 19, 12:30am
I used to by Edmonds BP until we discovered that DH had a problem with corn so we switched to Hansells. Hansells have now changed their recipe so it includes cornflour, so now we buy PAMS BP as it usues only wheaten cornflour.

ruckass1, Aug 17, 12:09pm
Hansells double action BP is gluten free