Milk powder much?

vic008, Sep 3, 6:04am
If you wanted a cup of milk, how many spoons of powder to the water?

lilyfield, Sep 3, 6:24am
25 grams- 1 tbsp

nauru, Sep 3, 7:22am
I use ¼ cup (4 tablsp) powder to 1 cup water

245sam, Sep 3, 7:29am
Sometime ago I checked the various brands and from my observations then I think it depends on the brand of milk powder, I use Pam's in the same quantity as nauru. :-))

lilyfield, Dec 30, 2:56am
Oops, I think I got this wrong.
Because I always weigh my milk powder, did a miscalculeted guess.
Sorry O P

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