Malted Milk Powder?

cookiebarrel, Apr 8, 4:50am
Have seen it mentioned in a few recipes lately, biscuits and puddings mostly and think they could have been English and was wondering if anyone could tell me do we have same thing in NZ (haven't located any yet) and what could I substitute it with?

willyow, Apr 8, 5:25am
Probably Horlicks -it's malted milk powder from England and is insupermarkets

bernice1, Apr 8, 5:29am
no its not Horlicks... . we used to be able to buy Malted Milk Powder here many years ago, but i have not seen it (nor have I looked for it) for years. Perhaps a Home Brew Shop or Bin Inn may have it?

cookessentials, Apr 8, 8:53am
I do remember malted milk powder and yes, it is different from Horlicks ( which has a wheat base in it) I have googled it, but nothing much has come up. Apparently both Nestle and Carnation have malted milk.

cookessentials, Apr 8, 9:00am
I stand corrected - I have searched and two sites class it as Horlicks- my appologies willyow. I do know there WAS just a malted milk powder that wasn't Horlicks and having drunk Horlicks in the last few months, I would have thought it too thick and "wheaty" but it may be worth trying if you cannot find the malted milk powder.

wiseoldowl, Jan 12, 5:17pm
I remember malted milk powder you use to have it in milk shakes and it was thick and creamy so sad you can't get those milk shakes anymore.

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