Lemon Cream Cheese Muffins

countrygirl7049, Jun 25, 5:35am
does anyone have a tried and true recipe for lemon cream cheese muffins.i found one today but it was quite dry and didnt have much lemon in it?

countrygirl7049, Jun 25, 5:48am
no body must makethese.

rainrain1, Jun 25, 6:03am
they sound good...what is your recipe?

supercook, Jun 25, 6:05am
Maybe make a lemon syrup to pour over after cooked while hot ? sugar and lemon juice

chooky, Jun 25, 6:45am

2 c self raising flour2 eggs
rind of 2 lemons1 c milk
1 c suger100g butter
Mix altogether, put1/2 mixture into muffin pans, add a dob of cream cheese, then cover with more mixture. Cook 200 10-15mins.
Mix juice of 2 lemons and 1/4 c sugar and spoon over muffins after cooking. Yummy.

rainrain1, Jun 25, 6:52am
thanks chooky i will have to try those :-)

countrygirl7049, Jun 25, 7:19am
thanks for that, its similar to what i made.just need to make it two lemons not one.Thanks for that.They are yummy.

angeldrawers, Jun 25, 7:29am
yum, these sound like crunchy lemon muffins,i got off the parenting board,, yummy!!
but the first time i made the topping,juice and sugar, and it was wierd,then i though maybe the recipe meant for it to be heated,like a syrup, and it was way better, and really lemony,and made them glossy and crunchy on top, as it cooled

countrygirl7049, Jun 26, 5:22am
bump.any other recipes out there