Apricot cream cheese muffins?????

shore-trader, Apr 17, 3:08am
Does someone have nice muffin recipe please? I have tried the edmonds muffins and added cream cheese and apricots but they were rather plain. I am wanting to use same flavors but different recipe. TIA

shore-trader, Apr 17, 3:23am
ok i have managed to find this recipe posted by campmum... . .
Mix well 2 Cups flour, ½ Cup sugar, 1 Tbsp Baking powder, ¼ tsp salt. Drain & reserve juice of 1x 410 g chopped apricots and add apricots to dry mix with ¼ of each milk & oil, 1 egg, and reserved fruit juice to make sticky dough. Mix & ½ fill mix into greased muffin tin. Place 1 tsp cream cheese in centre & top with more mix to cover. Sprinkle over cinnamon sugar if liked & bake @ 180*C for 20 mins.
Would it be ok with dried apricots? and could i add a couple of drops of vanilla essence? sorry i'm new to baking...

supercook, Apr 17, 3:25am
Always put dried apricots in my apricot muffins gives lots of favour. Also instaed of cream cheese you can put cold custard really nice like that!

shore-trader, Apr 17, 3:28am
Yum thanks

shore-trader, Apr 17, 4:49am
O dear i just cant bake, muffins came out rather heavy... ... . . anyone know why they aren't light and fluffy? ? ?

bex32, Apr 17, 5:00am
Could be that you over-mixed the batter? You really need to be careful with muffins that you just do the bare minimum to mix everything together and no more.

mel1140, Feb 7, 5:44pm
try it with a sponge cake recipe for the muffin batter so its more like up cake mix. if your thinking about the apricot and cream cheese ones they sell at the supermarket bakery, thats what they r like. just a thought