Working with Rice Paper successfully?

joybells2, May 28, 11:00pm
bought some rice paper sheets to makes some fresh spring rolls or similar, followed the instructions but they turned out gluggy and you couldnt wrap them, any ideas? TIA

motorbo, May 28, 11:02pm
did you soak them for too long? i dont like them fresh im norty as im gluten free and cannot have tradtional spring rolls i use these and warp and cook them in the oven! ! yummoooo hmmm might have them tonight!

kirinesha, May 28, 11:04pm
I usually immerse for 20-30 secs max in a dish of warm water and then place on a clean tea towel to drain. They soften even more during the draining process and I make up each one immediately.

cookessentials, May 29, 1:18am
Here are some links for you joybells - video "how to's"

joybells2, Jun 16, 10:42am
Thanks everyone, i was doing them right but not wrapping immediately, was leaving them and of course they all stuck together. used some more at lunch and they were fine.