Where to buy disposable paper plates

item_buyer1, Apr 26, 4:56am
Im wondering if anyone knows where you can buy reasonably priced disposable dinner plates preferablypaper ones
Need approx. 400 per month

rainrain1, Apr 26, 5:47am
Spotlight might stock them

aphra1, Apr 26, 6:09am
Most supermarkets or try a wholesale catering supplier.

duckmoon, Apr 26, 8:04am
If you are in Wgtn, I would recommend Moore Wilson.
They also do biodegrable ones at about the same price as plastic.

So, check out your wholesaler.

korbo, Apr 26, 9:14am
do you live near a toops or gilmours store. they have all those things in huge bulk.

toadfish, Apr 26, 6:20pm
I see you are in Waitakere... . . Huhtamaki are in Henderson


Not sure what you need them for but they sometimes have seconds and if its for a good cause may donate... . Just try and sweet talk them into dealing with you direct... .

jenner4, Apr 26, 9:09pm
Bin inn

zappi, Apr 26, 9:11pm
I would head to Gilmours. They have all sorts of disposable plates and cups and cutlery etc.

pixiegirl, Apr 26, 9:17pm
Yep second Gilmours

item_buyer1, Apr 26, 10:34pm
Thanks everyone I phoned around all the placessuggested and it appear Gilmours can give me the best deal. 250 paper plates for $37. 54 plus GST. Awesome, thanks again

ebeater, May 14, 2:16am
Hi. There are some great deals up North, does anyone know best place in Christchurch please? TIA. Was hoping for somethinga little cheaper than bin inn

red2, May 14, 2:32am
the $2 style shops normally have them

wattie10, Jun 4, 11:56pm
$2 shops and similar

wayne472, Jul 8, 3:40am
Foodstuffs have them, you can get them by the carton full, I cant remember the price though, not that expensive!