Rice paper...

brokenbutterfly, Mar 16, 11:30am
Can you cook it? As in maybe fry it and it will go crispy? Yes I'm being serious lol any suggestions please

herika, Mar 16, 7:17pm
Hi, I also cook Rice Stick Noodles, made of the same thing but cut into long, thin strips and they can be fried after cooking, so maybe the rice paper can be too. It doesnt say anything on the wrapping of the rice paper but there is a website you could go to, maybe they have some recipes there: www.oriental.com. au

brokenbutterfly, Mar 16, 9:25pm
Thanks for that herika;) I was kinda wanting to do spring roll type things but I didn't wana use traditional spring roll sheets, I wanted something lite

skyblue26, Mar 17, 7:39pm
Rice paper makes vietnamese rice paper wraps.
You get a very large bowl and add boiling water after you have prepared everything else: shredded chicken, sliced capscium, lettuce, chopped carrot, and sesame sauce/mayo.
Get the rice paper(round or square) dip in the hot water for 2 minutes, lift out using chopsticks, put on your plate, add fillings, and sauce, then fold up and put in your mouth, delicious!

tebb, Nov 10, 8:41am
hi there, .

i tried shallow frying rice paper rolls not so long ago, and it didnt work very well... i think i needed to have them rolled tighter, but they just fell apart and burst.

but they do bake very well