Can you put jelly in paper muffin cases?

misty, Jan 6, 5:01am
Or will the cases go soggy.

nanasee1, Jan 6, 6:12am
My thought would be no; they will go soggy. Maybe lightly oil the muffin tins so the jelly will tip out when set.

245sam, Jan 6, 6:15am
My thoughts also, and IMO the jelly would need to be made with less water to enable it to be handled, but you may have already thought of that.

Good luck - I hope you achieve the end result you're wanting. :-))

duckmoon, Jan 7, 5:08am
we have put jelly into the carboard which are fashionable

one leaked (the seam had a split)

the cardboard was soft by time of eating, but it worked

I wouldn't try paper ones

rainrain1, Jan 7, 5:30am
You could try placing paper cases inside muffin pans, and carefully pour in cold jelly. could be an ass to get the paper off though. spray with non-stick ?

fourz, Jan 11, 5:06am
I would spray the cases with the can oil. Make the jelly then set until like egg white then pour into the cases. As long as the jelly is almost set I think it would set pretty quickly. Good luck if you try.

2603962, Jan 12, 6:49am
what about using the rubbery plastic ones Im sure they would work cant remember what theya re called

elsielaurie1, Jan 12, 8:30am
What about silicone ones?

thewomble1, Jan 26, 1:59am
Add some agar powder to the jelly to help it set a little firmer

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